Video Marketing Made Easy: Shooting the Right Videos the Right Way

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As customers today continue to grow more and more demanding of instant gratification, it’s important for your business to find a way to keep their attention. Though you can write a series of engaging blog posts or offer a free newsletter course, one of the best ways to get people interested in your business is by marketing with video. Many people used to avoid video because they thought it was difficult to film or time-consuming, but new technologies today make it easier than ever to take a visual approach to promoting your business.

How to Simplify the Video Process

If you’re worried about the technological aspects of marketing with video, be sure to pick up a camera that is simple to use and features easy upload capability. There are a number of camcorders available that have just a few buttons, so that all you’ll need to do is push record. Once you have the video shot, uploading it to the web can oftentimes be just as easy as publishing a photo.

While you’re recording the video, be sure to get close to the camera. The time-consuming part of video occurs if you need to do extensive editing after shooting. You’ll avoid the need for heavy editing if you ensure that you get a great shot right away. Be sure that you’re close enough to the camera so that your presence fills the frame. This will also create better sound and make it easier for your audience to hear you clearly.

Try practicing what you’ll say before you get on camera or work with a few cue cards set up to keep you on track. Again, if you can get the shot right the first time, you’ll cut out editing time and avoid re-shooting. It can take a bit of time for some people to feel comfortable in the camera, so watch your recording after the first few shots to see how you look on camera. Don’t be too self-conscious and remember that it doesn’t need to be perfect! Your audience is most interested in hearing what you have to say and seeing that you’re comfortable on the camera. They won’t care if you stumbled briefly over a word three minutes into the clip.

How to Use Video Marketing to Boost Your Business

Now that you have some basics of shooting video to work with, it’s time to think about what types of videos you’ll be recording. When you’re marketing with video, it’s important to always keep your audience in the forefront of your mind. Think about what they’ll be interested in learning about and what they need to know about your company. It’s also essential that you keep your brand and image in mind. A consistent presentation of your brand through the visual medium will help you build trust with your audience. Check out these four ideas for successful video marketing.

1. Show People Who You Are

If you’re not sure where to begin with video marketing, a simple introduction is a great place. Introduce your customers to your business, your office and your staff. You can give people a visual office tour by recording your surroundings and taking customers along, via camera, to meet the people behind the business. A video introduction to your company shows people who they’re dealing with and can make you appear as a more personable entity. Customers who like to know that they’re working with real people will appreciate being able to connect with you in an intimate setting.

2. Record Your FAQ

While most websites feature a Frequently Asked Questions section, or FAQ, many customers will never bother to read through these because they can be lengthy and difficult to navigate. Recording your FAQ is a fun way to liven up the technical aspects of your business while still getting the information that customers need to them. If you have a special customer who would be interested in participating in your video, you can conduct a short interview using the FAQ as a guide. You can also try sitting down with an employee to answer the questions. This is also a great opportunity to integrate your brand with video, as you’ll have the chance to be as silly or as professional with it as you want.

3. Catch Your Product in Action

Give customers a demo of your product by filming it in action. If you’re selling something, show a real customer demonstrating how to use it. If you’re offering a service, film a short clip showing customers what they can expect. Whether you’re offering a new kitchen appliance or business coaching services for executives, a product demo video is a great way to help customers visualize what they’ll receive from making a purchase.

4. Interview Customers and Get Testimonials

Use video to show customers how satisfied they can be with your product. Ask a few select and satisfied customers if they can sit down with you and discuss their experiences with your company. You can record these as testimonials or try conducting short interviews for a more creative approach. When customers hear real people talking about their happiness with your business, they’ll be more interested in giving you a try.

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