10 Search Engines Worth Knowing About When Doing Search Engine Marketing

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If you have a business, it is very important to help your customers and clients, both current and future, find you on the Internet when they are searching. Because there are so many different kinds of search engines these days, it is helpful to be familiar with all the different ones that are out there. 10 search engines that are helpful are good for all Internet savvy people to know, but especially for those who have a business and want to drive people to their web sites. There are a few specific sites that most people use when they need to get online and look around for something.

The top search engine in most countries is without doubt Google. Google has made a name of itself as the best provider of Internet search results. It’s only Russian Yandex, South Korean Naver, Chinese Baidu, and Yahoo and Bing which can compete in terms of size and width.

As a business owner, you want to make sure Google, Yahoo and Bing can find your site in order to maximise your search results. But also consider the search engines we discuss below.

Bing is powered by Microsoft and is quickly gaining customers as people start to backlash against Google being too powerful. Bing is especially good at picture search, where Google have a hard time to compete.

Yahoo is also powered by Microsoft’s search engine. Yahoo is most popular for their sport and news, and that is where you can expect the best search results as well.

Blekko is otherwise the quickest growing search engine in America and Europe. They are well known for their slash tags, an efficient way to combat spam.

Both Northern Lights and Ask.com used to be popular; but both of these have waned a bit in recent years as Google has taken centre stage.

Yandex is mostly famous in Russia, where they managed to get very relevant local search results. If you want traffic from Russia, it’s certainly the best website get it from due to the high volume of searches performed. However, they have opened up their US office now and is expected to be a serious competitor in a few years from now.

Yandex load search result very quick and is focused on the visual side with quick access to relevant pictures for your search query, while displaying everything in local language.

Finally there is a few meta search engines you should consider. First, you can consider to use Meta Crawler and DogPile, combining results from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Since video search is becoming increasingly popular, I would suggest you look into Blinkx, the leading video search provider. Blinkx is better at recognizing what actually inside a video, compared to other engines primary ranking videos based on headlines and meta data.

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