4 Areas You Must Focus On to Start Hitting Google’s First Page

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With search engine optimisation the aim is always to hit the first page of Google, and preferably the top spot. The amount of targeted traffic you can receive from such an achievement can do wonders for your sales and will be worth any time, effort and expense that you put into the process.

But which areas should you focus on with SEO to start ranking in the first place? Here are four that are important to any successful campaign.

1. Build Links

This is perhaps the most important SEO factor of all. Links are seen as votes in the eyes of the search engines. The more links you have from quality sources, the more Google will know that your page must be interesting and relevant.

You can build your own links as well as encourage others to build them. Social media is a useful way to help spread the word about your content and build links naturally, but you can also build links yourself through article directories, press releases, social media and social bookmarking.

When creating a really powerful link, focus on building them from relevant pages which have high PageRanks and have few other links, and make sure you use keyword-rich links for the best results.

2. Create High-Value Content

Content is hugely important to any search engine optimisation efforts. Without content, you have nothing to link to in the first place.

Write content that is of interest and of value to your site visitors, content that answers the questions they may be searching for online, content that explains and clarifies something to them, content which makes use of your specialist knowledge and helps your visitors to understand more about the subject.

This is the content that will get linked to naturally and will make your target customers see you as someone who knows what you are talking about, making you the first port of call when they need your services.

3. Carry Out Keyword Research

Always carry out keyword research before and during your SEO campaign on a regular basis. This involves not only choosing the most relevant keywords that will bring in the best and most highly-targeted visitors who are ready to buy your services and products, but also the keywords which are easiest to rank for.

Specific long tail keywords are great because they are more likely to bring in targeted visitors and they are easier to rank for.

4. Keep at It

This is the most important factor of all when it comes to search engine optimisation. Good SEO takes time to see results, meaning you have to put in consistent effort. If you cannot dedicate yourself to this task then hire someone who can.

Don’t allow search engine optimisation to become something that you do once and then forget about. You need to be working at it every week and every day to get the best results, so remember this when you start up your own SEO strategy.

Start Seeing SEO Results

By focusing on these four areas of search engine optimisation you can really start to see positive results from your SEO efforts. SEO is not easy and requires a lot of time and effort to start seeing real results, so follow the practices above and give yourself a better chance of ranking.

Marcus Miller is an SEO and online marketing consultant with over 10 years experience of promoting websites. His expertise focuses on getting people to your site and then getting them to do what you want when they get there.

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