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Due to the nature of my industry, I receive a lot of offers and exposure to those famous SEO (which stands for “Search Engine Optimization,” or how you are ranked in search engines) products that promise you first page results in Google, or a “backdoor” trick to getting past Google’s algorithms and “sneaking” into Google’s first page. Something like “broke college student found a backdoor trick to Google, and makes $3564.93 a day online.”

Not all of those products are bad, and some of the strategies (like Google Places and YouTube) really do offer you ethical ways to get past the normal pains of Google’s formula. However, a lot of the “trick” products are not only a waste of your time, but also a waste of your money.

Think about it like this. Google is currently a billion dollar company. Not only that, but they have a staff of well paid people whose full time job it is to make sure the Google algorithm delivers the best results possible to its searchers. If there is a “loophole,” by the time you buy and read the product, they most likely would have fixed the issue (if it even existed in the first place). So you’re back to square one trying to find a new quick and easy way to get on page one. Oh, and you’re out $47.

Do you really think the engineers of Google are sitting around going, “Aw! Another broke college kid found a loophole in our algorithm!?” Probably not.

In all honesty, all the time you spend trying to “trick” a program (which is what Google is in basic form) into finding your website you can spend putting in effort to increase your search engine rankings in ethical ways. SEO and online marketing is not a “push button” tactic that only the select few get to know. It takes time and effort, just like anything else in business. Unethical practices – like a lot of “it’s just business” things – will only end up hurting you in the long run.

When I first uploaded an “ethical SEO” article, I received critical comments from a few other social marketers. The comments were along the lines of “Google doesn’t make the rules to ethics,” and related issues with the fact that marketers had to “play by Google’s rules.” You’re right, Google doesn’t make the rules to ethics. However, they do make the rules to what ranks on their search engine.

Consider (as I’ve mentioned a few times in this article) that Google is a business among everything else. How would you look upon someone that used “secret loopholes” to get around things that you established and spent a lot of time and money on? On a similar note, Google will blacklist your website.

A good frame of reference would be thinking from the minds of the business owner. When you get something in your inbox with the newest “trick” to Google, is this a short term “get-rich-quick” type scheme, or something that can have a lasting effort on your business. Further, is this something you wouldn’t want YOUR customers doing to your business?

In reality, all of the SEO tricks in the world won’t help you if you don’t have a website that people will want to find. The first thing you need to do (before implementing any SEO tricks) is to make your website a valuable resource in your niche. Does your website have a theme or selling point that accurately describes your business? Do you have content that people can read over and learn more about who you are, and how you can help them?

Most importantly, is it easy for someone to buy from you, if they so choose so? After your website is designed and laid out to perfection, then you can get into SEO. And when it is designed and a good resource for your niche, do you really want it to be banned from Google?

So, first step is to get your website to have content, articles, and information that can help someone searching for related terms to your business. Do a Google search for “On-Site SEO.” These are the very basic things you can do with your title tags, keywords, and description to help your website rank hire. These two steps alone will start the snowball process of quality SEO for your business’ website.

Not a lot of people talk about ethical SEO practices, because they take a lot more work. Let me go over the basics on why ethical SEO should be your ONLY SEO strategy.

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