Why Local SEO Is Easier Than Traditional SEO

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SEO for local placement is getting more and more popular these days and many Internet marketers do realize that it is much easier to set up a SEO strategy for local targeting than a global campaign. But what are the real secrets of local SEO placements and how can you become a real expert of local SEO in a short period of time?

Geo Targeting

It is important when you are setting up a local SEO campaign to get geo-targeting right. You will have to determine the radius where your potential customers might be located and willing to travel or order your services from. It might be easy if you already know your local area, but if you are not sure of the demographics of each place around you might want to obtain current statistics. You might go for a whole area or different town names.

Include Location Keywords

Once you have adjusted your keywords for your local Search Engine Optimization strategy you will have to include them on your site and also your off site SEO. To determine how competitive these keywords are you will have to check out Google’s own keyword tool. You are going to find that there might be much less local than global searches, but the competition is going to be lower, too. You need to ensure you have enough keywords included in your local SEO campaign to bring in the amount of traffic you desire.

Off Site Search Engine Optimization

These days on site and off site SEO placement is equally important, but if you are using global SEO at the moment you might want to change your keywords in your articles and press releases you are submitting in order to be able to pull in the most relevant and geo-targeted traffic to your web pages. You might also want to team up with companies publishing local business information that can provide you with a “do follow” back-link.

Title Tags Including Location

One of the most important elements of your local Search Engine Optimization campaigns is to adjust your title tags accordingly. Including local search terms in your title tag is not actually going to damage your global SERP either, but will make it much easier to rank in your area. It is actually going to bring in very easy traffic to your site from the location you want it to come from.

Local Advertisement SEO Campaigns

Many Online SEO experts do forget the power of online advertising when it comes to local search engine optimization. It is extremely easy to get an advertisement placed on an online ads page or business directory. And it is even easier to reap the rewards of the SEO placement locally after placing a keyword rich ad on these sites. It will be much easier to rank high if you are able to place your listing in the right area and the right category as well. Make sure if you are asked for keywords provide ones targeting local audiences and the same keywords your website is aiming for.

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