Why Most Local Internet Marketers and SEO Consultants Get It Wrong

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Internet marketers often read outdated e-books and reports and finally get confused why their search engine campaigns are not working. Unfortunately there are many people online who are considering themselves SEO experts or who are acting as SEO consultants; however, they have no idea of the basic rules of SEO or just simply get it wrong. It can damage websites and internet marketers do pay out a lot of money for search engine optimization services that bring in no results.

What are the main reasons many Internet marketers fail with SEO?

Lack of Research

Unfortunately creating spreadsheets, statistics and collecting data is not the very favorite task of many people. Even SEO consultants tend to neglect this crucial first step that will determine the profitability of an online SEO campaign. It takes some time to research the chosen niche and the keywords, but one little missed element can result in failure.

Trying to Hit the Easy SEO Button

Outsourcing link submission to various companies or individuals will not result in instant rankings. There are proven ways to get a website ranked in Google but it also should be well planned and researched. Not to mention some automatic submission services that is not worth a penny.

Setting up a Campaign and Letting it Go

A SEO campaign has to be well planned and flexible. SEO consultants think that they can get away with an option that did not work at all instead of testing and tweaking different campaigns, conversions, keywords and traffic sources in order to be able to maximize SEO results.

A SEO Campaign Has to Look Natural

There is no way anyone can fool Google or any other search engine. If there are thousands of back-links appearing in a few days, Google is going to get suspicious. Search engine optimization however has hurt many Internet marketers and takes time. The steadier the progress, the better results you will achieve.

Not Keeping an Eye on the Competition

It is cool if you have managed to get to page one on Google for a profitable keyword. But do you think the competition is going to leave it at that? That’s not possible! There are going to be other sites that are not happy with you beating them in rankings, therefore you can never lower your guard.

Not Checking Google’s Changes

It is a well-known fact that search engines do change their algorithm now and then. And that change can actually affect many results. Just recently thousands of websites have disappeared from page one that had a strong SEO background ranking, and owners might have paid a huge fee for SEO consultants to get them there. Internet marketers had to start working very hard to get back previous results, as they forgot to take into consideration that search engines use three main aspects to determine ranking: activity (updates, bookmarks, comments, social media), on-site SEO, and off-site SEO. Let one of them flop and you have just wasted a lot of money on SEO consultant’s fees.

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