Successful Email Marketing Is An Art Form

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There is one main reason that many marketers fail to run a successful email marketing campaign. It is that they try too hard to sell products to their subscribers. However, even before you reach that stage there are a number of other factors that need to be taken into account if you want to run a successful email marketing campaign. If you think of it more as an art form you will get better results.

Titles Open Emails

Title writing, much like headline writing, is a skill that can be learned with practice. The title needs to be enticing and informative, encouraging the recipient to open your mail. You have worked hard to get someone to subscribe and they will no doubt open your first mail but will they continue to do so?

Now is your opportunity to build your relationship with your prospect. You will do a better job and see better results if you can style your titles in such a way as to invite an opening before giving great content. Adding arrows or odd symbols to the title line are killers as far as open rates are concerned.

Writing Informative Emails

It is a mistake to try to sell directly to your subscribers. Doing so only confirms their suspicion that you were trying to sell to them all along. It is very likely in this case that your subscriber and potential customer will hit the unsubscribe button very quickly.

Instead you should be informative and give advice. Your job is to recognize the problem your subscriber is having and provide a solution. That is the number one reason people seek information and if your solution involves recommending a product then so be it. You are more likely to make a sale by taking this approach.

Call To Action

When you are directing subscribers to a product or service be sure to give clear instructions. I am sure you are familiar with “Click Here” and “Download XYZ Product Here” and more imaginative calls to action. But it is surprising how many marketers are sloppy with their call to actions.

It is good practice to have three or four hyper linked calls to action throughout your email. They should be spaced evenly from after the first paragraph and putting one in a PS following your signature has proven to be a successful emailing tactic over the years. All these factors contribute to successful email marketing.

Building a list of profitable subscribers takes time and patience. Your list should be treated with kid gloves and given your best attention. Write as if writing to a friend or colleague to whom you can pass on advice and tips about your area of expertise. Treat it as an art form and you will be able to run one successful email marketing campaign after another.

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