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All of a sudden, it seems that everybody and their dogs are making money on the Internet. And everyone suggests that the simplest way to online income is Affiliate marketing and Google AdWords.

Theoretically, it sounds easy. You sign-up for some program, acquire a link, select a few keywords, setup ads and start making money. Well, to be honest, thousands try this method everyday and most of them fail at it.

Please don’t misunderstand me. This method is, indeed, a very profitable and successful way to make money. There are people who make hundreds of dollars a day doing affiliates. But those who actually are successful don’t join the crowd, they search for their own untraveled paths.

Like any other thing in life, success is usually found in unusual ideas. If you keep on doing what everybody else has been doing, you’re sure to accrue the same results as everybody else. And in reality, the majority of everybody else is just trying their hands with the Internet, getting disheartened and then moving on.

The idea is the be different.

So what is the average guy doing? He starts with visiting ClickBank and checking out the “Money & Employment Section”. He then proceeds on to select a top product to sell. That’s not bad way. But it’s not the best either.

Some searching on Google and you’re laced with info on better marketplaces with even better products to promote. You can even check out the leaders of the online money making arena and find their private affiliate programs.

Or better yet, we can look out for an nontraditional market. Millions, across the world, daily spend millions of dollars on products other than these e-books.

Once you choose the same product as everybody else, you tend to choose similar (or many a times, same) keywords as well. And when everybody is bidding on the same keywords, the prices get expensive and profits minimal.

In such a case, we need to think ‘outside the box’ — we need to understand what the typical buyer is looking for, we need to understand their related problems or gain info on other products they may be searching for.

The average Joe will go ahead and describe the features of the product in his ad. We, on the other hand, will describe it’s benefits. We will also instill a call to action. We will have separated ad-groups with relevant ads to check out what is working best for us.

The idea is to test, then test again and then finally test, one more time.

The AdWords arena has a lot of unexplored areas waiting to be explored and this can only be done when we take the first step and actually think for ourselves.

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