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We’ve always humdrum-ed about the importance of quality content and their role in boosting SEO rankings. But with the latest Panda update by Google, content becomes ever so important. In fact credible websites like the British Medical Journal and Ciao have been slapped by the Panda. The update has forced a lot of businesses to rethink their SEO strategy. So what are the changes that online businesses need to implement a great SEO strategy?

As earlier said, quality content was always highly regarded and valued in the internet marketing world, but the update now aims to put user preference in center stage. A user’s perspective of the content is now more important than anything else. Content in your website may be unique, focused and grammatically correct, but if the user discards it, it is highly unlikely that your website shall rank high. Blogs that scraped content from other sites and recycle their own content are the most affected. Too many ecommerce sites, take quality products, ask outsourcing agencies to different product description and post them online. This technique may have produced results earlier, but not anymore.

It’s now more about primary impact. The site may have good content, but if it’s marred by poor graphics, or if the content isn’t in the same page, or poor quality of support pages its sure to be downgraded. Also, make sure you tone down on the ads. Sites that have been built in particular to showcase ads have been hit the hardest.

Back links have always been the backbone for a website’s success. You could either choose from offsite or onsite back links. While on-site back link works by interlinking within the site, offsite back link refers to websites that link back to your site. With the change in the algorithms, offsite back links have become very important. Make sure you continuously monitor links to your site. You can ask low quality sites to remove their links. Similarly make sure that back links to your site is from good sites.

Metrics have now become very important. Needless to say, there’d be thousands of metrics to determine the worthiness of a site; metrics that are likely to be pulled from users and usage. If your site has been hit, or is likely to be hit by the Panda effect, all you can do is to revisit the site and check for changes that are likely to affect you. Installing Google analytics can help to understand user search patterns. You can know the time that people spend on each page, the bounce rate etc. Getting statistics to these facts helps to rectify your site. For example, a higher bounce rate can help you find what needs to improved.

But these updates can be overwhelming for some to comprehend completely. It’s best to leave it to a search engine optimization expert to understand these changes.

The author is an SEO expert in Sheffield and has written several articles on search engine optimization to help people scale high on SEO rankings

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