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Getting your business listed for local searches on Google is a very important part of gaining traffic and making more money. If you have not done anything to help your online presences with Google places yet, then now is the time to start. There is one specific thing you can do to provide your business with a higher ranking without much work at all.

If you get reviews on Google places and you get the gold stars next to your business name you can jump from one of the very low positions all the way up to A, B, or C. This can give you extra traffic and can put you directly in front of the potential customers that are searching for a business like yours in the specific area you are working in.

So, the question remains, how do you get these reviews and get listed higher on Google? It really is not all that hard and you just need to create a system that helps your business collect customer feedback. This could be a form you send through email or even give directly to the customer. If someone purchases a product or uses your service getting a review should be something you do anyway.

Reviews can help other potential customers see that you are an expert in the field you are working in and it can help them make the decision to choose your business over another. It only takes five reviews before the stars will appear next to your listing on Google. Don’t go out and try to get five reviews today because you want it to look like the reviews are coming in naturally.

Simply implementing some type of system to capture reviews from each customer will help you to get the five reviews you need and more. You certainly want to get as many reviews as possible for a couple reasons. One, having many reviews will help you to build a solid reputation. Two, the more reviews you have the less a mediocre or even bad review will hurt you.

If you have 100 reviews and one of them is for only 2 stars it will not drop your star rating nearly as fast as if you only have 10 reviews and one of them is for 2 stars. The more reviews you get the less a lower review will affect you, and they do happen. You cannot please everybody and from time to time you are going to get a less than perfect review.

Optimizing your business website to get listed higher in Google places is not all that hard. Just get enough reviews to get the stars next to your business name and you will see your site jump up in the rankings. Plus having gold stars next to your name will help you stand out when other businesses listed with you don’t have these stars.

We are experts in Google places listings. We take the time to properly understand your business so we are able to optimize your listing professionally.

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