Basics of Successful Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the hardest and most rewarding methods of marketing. To have a successful email marketing campaign, marketers must be very aware of old and new email methods — what worked yesterday will not work today. However, there are certain aspects of email marketing that will always remain successful. Consider these basic tips for successful email marketing.

The sign-up form

The only legitimate way to email people about your products or company is to have them voluntarily sign up for your newsletter or other form of email. When they voluntarily give you their information, it allows you to send company updates, information, and discounts or promotions. With that being said, there ways you can optimize your email sign-up form for maximum efficiency.

First, make the main form appear at the top of your website. This may contradict what you are used to seeing, but it is statistically proven that many people do not read until they reach the bottom of a website. Make sure your strongest points in your content are at the top, and place the sign-up form either above the content or beside the content.

Second, create multiple ways for people to sign up for your newsletter. If you only create one sign-up form, you are diminishing your chances of getting new signups.

Third, make the sign-up process very easy for your visitors. If they have to visit multiple pages or submit sensitive information, it will discourage them from completing the process.

The emails

After the sign-up process, the most important part of a successful email marketing campaign is sending quality emails to your visitors. Statistics show that the open rate for emails is very low, and most emails get sent to the spam box.

You need to have titles or subject lines that do not sound like a sales pitch. Avoid phrases like, “limited time offer,” “Check out these discounts” or “You need to see what we’re offering.” Make sure each subject line reminds your customers what site the email is coming from.

Additionally, you should have an auto-responder set up to send out a new signup’s first email. Make sure you spend time on creating your first initial email; it needs to compel your customers to open up further emails from your company.

Some people create a series of emails that correspond to each other. The continuation effect keeps people opening up future emails.

Converting people into customers

The hardest part of a successful email campaign is turning your visitors into customers. However, with careful planning and sensitivity, it can be accomplished. Make sure anything you write is relevant to the people who receive your emails. It helps if you offer them something first, such as information or free items. This will compel your receivers to reciprocate, hopefully by purchasing your product or service.

If you notice that your emails are not converting, change your approach and re-test. Experimenting is the only way you will find your ground with your customers. No method works for every type of company.


Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. Keep perfecting your methods until you see results. Hopefully these tips will help you do that.

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