Keyword Research – The 4 Pieces Of Information You Need To Evaluate A Keyword

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If you’ve never done any sort of organized keyword research before, it’ll be hard for you to understand what information you need and then how to analyze that information. Thankfully getting the information you need is not that hard to do. In fact, there are programs and systems out there today that can get you exactly what you need in a short amount of time, like in under a hour. But before you can start using a system to help you identify the right keywords for your business, it’s a good idea that you know what information you need to evaluate a keyword. That’s exactly what I’m going to cover.

1. Your keyword phrase – This really goes without saying, but a majority of the time you will only be able to rank for a phrase and not a singular keyword. Therefore, it’s important that you have the correct keyword phrase for your analysis.

2. The number of monthly and/or daily searches – What this number gives you is the popularity of the keyword, or how many times a certain keyword phrase is searched for every single day. This is very important because if a keyword doesn’t get enough searches per month, you’ll never be able to get the traffic necessary to actually sell enough items to make it worth your time.

3. The number of competing sites – This number is an indication of how easily you can actually rank in the search engines for this keyword phrase. A good rule of thumb is the number needs to be around 50,000 competing sites or less. Why? Because that is a good number where there’s a decent amount of competition but it’s not so fierce that you can’t rank for the term. Having zero competing sites is a problem, unless it’s a brand new product or service.

4. The number of ALLINTITLE results – Allintitle is a special search result that Google can provide for you, if you know how to conduct the special search. What this number tells you is how many sites have your keyword phrase in the title of their content or web page. A good number to shoot for here is 10,000 or less. Once again, a number lower than what I just mentioned gives you a great chance of ranking for the keyword phrase.

With these 4 pieces of key information, you have everything you need to start analyzing the keywords you’re looking at.

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