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Whether you’re trying to get people to read your book, buy your exercise equipment or subscribe to your services, you’re going to need to market it properly. One solution that has worked for many businesses is video marketing on YouTube. This site is second highest in views in the world as a website, and creating an account there is free. Of course if you really want your advertising campaign to reach interested viewers, achieve success and get noticed there are a couple of steps you should really follow to get your value worth.

Before you even start on your video, begin with your profile. The site ranks you, and by extension the videos you submit and have listed in your profile, according to a lot of different factors. One value is the number of friends and connections you have attached to your profile, so it’s important that you network properly. You also need to get as many fans as you can, which will come naturally with good, interesting content but don’t be afraid to court additional fans. This isn’t a single step; you’re going to have to keep adding to your profile if you intend to garner success over the long term.

When it comes to your actual video marketing, you need to submit fresh content. If you already have a video, take it down and re-submit it when you begin overhauling your profile. Make sure your videos are in the right category of video, since no one’s going to watch a video about ball bearings that shows up in a channel dedicated to heavy metal. Once you have your videos up, let everyone know. Post links up on social networking websites, and put the content on your company Facebook profile (if you don’t have one, then get one and make sure you start networking). Submitting back-links to websites like Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and others can also help bring more traffic to your videos and increase your success.

Once you’re getting traffic to your videos, not an easy thing considering all of the content on the one site much less on the whole of the Internet, you have the opportunity to earn honorifics. An honorific is a positive vote, a comment or anything that makes your particular video stand out. The more regularly it’s getting views, the more comments you’re getting and the more often you get positive votes the higher up your video will be in the search queue and the more likely other people are to find it. This of course will translate to ever increasing views until it eventually becomes more self-sustaining.

Of course video marketing on YouTube isn’t a get rich quick scheme, if such a thing actually exists. What you’re doing is using an extremely powerful and highly trafficked place on the Internet to garner more attention and views for your advertisements, which will hopefully lead to an increased interest in your business, products and services. It probably won’t show instant and skyrocketing sales, unless of course you have a Hollywood sized budget and your video just happens to go viral, but with time, effort and constant monitoring you can grow your profile and videos to the point that your business is getting regular and much needed exposure to the public. For more information and marketing help visit

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