7 Simple Search Engine Optimisation Techniques You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

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While there are many SEO methods to try, there are certain techniques that work like magic. Here are the top 7 Search Engine Optimisation strategies you should try.

Using 3 and 4 word keywords

While targeting one or two word keywords might seem like the best options especially if you are looking for a massive influx of traffic, the number of competition you have can be overwhelming. You could be competing not only with other information sites but also with product sites.

Using 3 or 4 word keywords is actually better. These are specific keywords. They may not have demands as high as the one-word or 2-word keywords but you have a fewer competition here. You have higher chances of getting the traffic you want.

Use an optimised website layout or theme

You may have tasked an expert web designer to make you website look snazzy but if it does not contain simple search engine optimisation website techniques, it will not be marking high in search engines. It is not impossible for a simple 2-column website to dominate search engines. That is because the algorithms are not looking for the layout but the content of the site and how each page has been optimised to SEO. There are certain layout designs that have been specifically incorporated with SEO strategies.

Guest posting

One of the key steps in improving site ranking is guest posting. Guest posting is a simple way of building links. You submit an article that will link back to your site to another website that has a higher ranking than yours. Their readers will read your articles. If they are interested in what you are telling them, they will click the link to your site.

Using multimedia

Multimedia is a quick and fun way of garnering more organic traffic. Making a video blog and upload it to hosting sites. Create interesting graphics and submit it to arts portals. Every art project or video project must have a link back to your site.


What is great about giveaways is that they promote a certain kind of positive vibe. Everyone likes free gifts so everyone will most likely take advantage of the opportunity of getting your freebies or winning you giveaways.

Twitter broadcasting

Got updates to your site? Why not put a link to it in your Twitter account. Add people who will most likely be interested to what your site is all about.

Offer valuable information only

Search engine optimisation is not only about incorporating keywords to the contents of your website. You also have to think about the quality of your site’s contents.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation, it is important to garner a loyal clientele or audience. SEO UK does not have to be difficult if you know how to use link building services well.

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