Guidelines to Avoid Copyright Violation in an Online World

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Before stepping into the world of online market, choosing an appropriate domain name is one essential elements and the very first step towards launching a business in constantly evolving online world. The domain name bought by a company or an individual represents the organization or the individuals’ specific interested section such as sports, lifestyle, etc. in the marketplace. Therefore, one must be precise while selecting or searching a domain for him/her or their organization because even a small copyright violation may trap you in a tiresome legal battle and turnout to be a game spoiler.

There are various factors associated with domain names which ignite the copyright violation crisis, which have resulted in enormous growth in copyright related issues as any company or an individual can copyright any name, symbol, word, or device which differentiates and classifies its products and services from another company competing in the same or different segment. A breach of the copyright act while registering a domain might result in losing that specific domain name and can also make the one or the company to pay the penalties imposed by the court in specific cases.

In an online market obtaining a domain name of one’s own choice, doesn’t permit him/her to have the exclusive rights over it because if anyhow it contains any trademark name in the entire spell, the registered trademark owner may file a lawsuit to get hold of the domain back from you.

There are certain rules which if strictly followed can save one or the organization from falling into any copyright violation trap while registering a domain.

• The foremost step before registering a domain name is to search the trademark database to get the detailed list of registered and pending domains.

• Prefer and select a domain that resembles the company’s or the individuals’ commerce model and in order to defend, be well prepared with the reasons for using the name if in case a copyright violation battle approaches.

• It is advised to select more than one domain name with different spellings and different extensions, which will eventually let the buyer create his/her or the company’s own brand.

• Don’t select a domain name similar to another knowingly just to confuse the customers and guide them to your website, as this practice might get you trapped in the legal battle for copyright infringement.

Moreover, if one’s or the company’s desired domain name is already registered by someone else but does not displays any sort of contents on the landing pages of that specific domain, the interested party can explore the contact details of the domain owner to negotiate with him for it. This attempt might give the desired result as there are countless domain name owners, who register the domains with popular or keyword specific names not to develop a website to mark their presence in the online marketing world but to fetch good amount of money by reselling them at higher prices. However, before proceeding in this direction, a thorough search must be done to verify that the seller has the real ownership rights for that specific domain you are interested in to get by paying the higher price.

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