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The Perfect Website Name

Okay, you’ve just decided on the perfect domain name. If you attempt to register it, you notice that version has been taken. Now what can be done? Most likely, the registrar has suggested a whole new TLD (top level domain). If they are available, they probably suggested a .org or .net. Even so, would it be wise to go with any of these other suggestions?

Does It Have To Be A.COM?

A lot of people assume the fact that domain is often the most effective domain to obtain. While, it’s true that will often be the first domain individuals try, plenty of organizations use other TLDs to great effect. What most do not realize is, it is important to decide how people will access your site. Are they going to just type your company name within the address bar? Are you thinking of branding a product? Which kind of business or blog is your site about? The answers to such questions is likely to be as varied as the questions themselves. One thing to bear in mind, if you’re able to brand your services or products website, then most generic TLDs will work.

Most well-known TLDs

You will find that is the most popular TLD. The second major TLDs would go Previously, .org had the distinction of other business types. Non-profits mostly used the .org TLD and online Companies used the .net TLD. Nonetheless, that has shifted. Since TLDs generally are not regulated, anybody can purchase these domains. For those not able to get their domain as and you really want to use that name, go with either a .net or .org. Be aware that most if not all registrar’s charge more for domain. It’s typically only a few dollar’s more, but that extra expense is there.

Well-Established Product or Service

What if you have a well established product or service name? One that is memorable, not difficult to spell, and catchy. In a case similar to this it doesn’t matter what TLD the name has. Changing the name to accommodate just would not make any since. For SEO purposes, it would be far better to use TLD in a domain that matches your service or product. Getting a complete new name just so you could get TLD would simply result in to much confusion.

TLDs For Countries

Another type of TLD that has been often overlooked would be the Country designations. These are generally often used to represent goods and services that are within a particular Country. These TLDs are comprised for USA, for United Kingdom, .de for Germany, .jp for Japan and many others for the different countries around the World. More often than not, these TLDs can only be purchased by organizations that operate in that specific Country. In case your service or product can be found World wide, then you should have no issue acquiring a domain in other Countries. However, should you only operate in one Country, it is advisable to only buy that Countries represented TLD. Otherwise you might confuse your end users.

Generic But Odd TLDs

There are several generic TLDs that are rather odd. They have names, .biz, .info, These belong to the category “Generic Restricted”. I call these odd simply because they have a restricted designation, yet like the majority of TLDs they are not regulated. Hence they may be utilized for just about anything. In most cases, if the top three TLDs (.com, .org, .net) are taken for your website name, you’ll often see these available. Even though you might be tempted to purchase one of these types, I urge against it. Google tends to rate these low in its search rank. They’ve also built up a poor reputation. Lots of people, for one reason or another, associate them with junk or spam sites. It is best to stay away from these TLDs for your main site.

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