How To Move Your Website Between Web Hosting Companies

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There could eventually be a time when you would like to change your web hosting provider. Quite often this occurs when the cost of one’s current Web hosting plan has gone up, or perhaps the quality of their service has decreased substantially. When this occurs, it’s a good idea to find a new host which will meet your current requirements. Other circumstances may be such that you have outgrown your current plan and simply need a change to one which is more robust.

Always do plenty of research before deciding to move your website. Oftentimes moving a site can be somewhat complex, and it’s not something which you want to do frequently. Find a plan which will provide room to expand should your business continue growing. Another tip is getting yourself enough time for making the switch. This could even mean a month of double expense, however it allows a full month to work out potential problems with the new provider.

Back up everything at your current host first by making copies of every webpage or file on a CD or flash drive. Just as if you were moving from a home, arranged to have any services that you will no longer be using discontinued at the end of the next month.

It’s also very important to notify your domain name registrar that you are moving. This would be the company in which you initially registered your website’s name with. They will need to know the IP address and domain name for the old host as well as the new one, therefore be sure to have this information handy.

The next step is setting up a new website. This can be accomplished by uploading all your pages and files which you had saved onto a removable media. At this point you can start any new services which you will be needing to run your business or site smoothly. The final step is notifying customers of any changes in your e-mail address. It’s recommended to set up forwarding so that e-mails sent to the old address are still going to be received.

Changing a web host is not as complicated as it probably sounds. Most providers will have plenty of tutorials and video guides to help you every step of the way. The cost of hosting has come way down in recent years. There are now many which offer good quality hosting services for less than five dollars a month!

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