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We all remember the height of the Internet boom in the 1990’s when a staggering number of millionaires were created and still counting. This period marked the emergence of a new era of global investment in the US’s economic history and the world at large. International Domain Names, otherwise known as IDN for short, has come to stay. It’s a new breed of top-level domain name hosting and registration service that is most likely to re-write history with a bigger picture of smart global online coverage and investment.

Getting on this new breed of top-level internationalized name band wagon can never be any better than now. With the ‘dot com’ revolution dwindling so fast, most professionally desired names can be very difficult to come by. As we all know, the success of any business establishment these days, is largely dependent on massive online exposure coupled with unique targeted audience

To define an internationalized domain name in a nutshell, it is an Internet domain name that contains characters outside of the English alphabet, namely; Arabic, Chinese, Samoan, Hebrew and many others. The idea is to create an opportunity for everyone around the globe, regardless of language and geographical location to be able to access the Internet in their native languages.

Just imagine if you were a non-English speaking individual and wanted to access the Internet, but you only had to type in foreign letters to be able to reach any website. How would you go about it? Don’t you think that would be very difficult and off-putting?

The idea of this kind of domain name is to find a unique name extension aside the struggling ‘dot com and that is the key to any successful online business in the SEO rankings irrespective of any language barriers. Again, this would allow several small and medium non-English businesses to be on the Internet and get some exposure for their products and services.

So in a layman’s language, the Internet could be accessed irrespective of anyone’s geographical location or the language within that community. The fact of the matter is, language barrier has been one of the few factors limiting the expansion of the World Wide Web. It is estimated that the number of English-speaking users of the Internet is by far lower than what the rest of the world is using in other languages.

The growing demand for domain names means that there would be billions of people including businesses with Internet access across the world within the next few years.

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