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Domain names
We have all entered the address of a website in the form of, where website can be any name or term. This is what we commonly know as domain name. Computers on the other hand use IP addresses and for them a website looks like, where the “x” is in fact a given number. So, the domain names we enter are transformed by various internet applications to IP addresses.

Computers are linked with each other through Internet communication protocol or IP links. Numeric addresses are being used to identify each computer in a network. IP addresses are virtually unlimited, as every individual on the planet can be given 10 million such addresses. When you start on online business with your own website, you need a domain name and an IP address to communicate online. We do not use these numeric IP addresses to visit websites, but instead we type in the descriptive names, which are easy to use. The DNS or domain name system is the one that takes care for computers to convert descriptive names into IP addresses. We can compare the internet to a huge postal system that makes sure that the address specified on the envelope is a working address, regardless of the content of the envelope, its final destination or its sender. These are not relevant information for the system, as its main concerns is for the address to work.

Differently, when you type in the name of a website –, the computer will have the DNS server convert the domain name into an IP address, server which is at your disposal through your internet service provider. The DNS server stores data in local memories, remembering the frequently used website addresses and giving an immediate response. However, the recently used website names expire after a certain period of time and the DNS server needs to contact a root server, which knows where to look for domain names with various extensions, sending requests for the top level DNS.

With the first communications among various entities started over the internet or Wide Area Networks, they realized that there is a need for a proper identification form to access all the systems. Initially, the networks included some computers from a few institutions, including the U.S. Department of Defense. In time, the growing number of connections required a more efficient system to control the domain paths and thus, in 1972, IANA or the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority was established by the U.S. Defense Information Systems Agency. IANA was in charge in assigning addresses to every single computer within the network. 1973 marked the development of IP or Internet Protocol, which turned into a standard, making possible to identify all computers within the network. In 1985, a computer systems company from Cambridge, Massachusetts registered the most popular and famous domain extension the .com.

Presently, domain names are commonly used by both individuals and companies, frequently seen as a substantial support in many different business operations.

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