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Internet is a large void of immense possibilities. The major domination is of search through which users find what they are seeking. People search online for information, products and utilities. Billions of searches are made every day by Internet users.

Google is the most prolific search provider with highly advance ranking and indexing system. It is one search company that offers highly relevant results hence its popularity. The search engines use an indexing and retrieval process. This enables them to produce matching results on SERPs.

The system uses algorithms to index website as per topic and retrieve results corresponding to the users query. SERPS are the interactive result pages that are visited by users through the web browsers. The results appearing on the SERPS are called organic search. While those appearing on the right side of the page are non organic in nature are called Ads.

Google Ads are most prominent and placed on the right side bar. These are paid Ads and differ from organic results. The effectiveness of your Ad campaign depends upon how fine tuned your program is. Though configuring Ads is not difficult you do need some experience.

If effective keywords are used and good geo targeting is in place your campaign would be more successful. The payment is on PPC ( Pay Per Click) basis meaning you pay when the Ad is clicked. Another options require you to pay on per thousand ad basis. The higher the Ad is placed on side bar more it is going to cost. You have to define your Ad budget when you configure the account.

Your Ads should have effective title and description for getting higher clicks. Google AdWords is used as alternative to organic ranking or part of Internet Marketing. It is good to have a trial run in order to assess your success potential before launching large scale campaigns.

This types of advertisements are also provided by other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. You can also places Ads of Social Networking websites the one’s which are popular. Some of the popular social sites are Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn which have a large database of members and users.

All such Ad campaigns are paid and their effectiveness depends upon many factors. The Ads appear on relevant search in order to be very effective. These are therefore much in demand as relevancy rules the Net.

When configuring the Ads it is better to employ a search engine marketing service with experience. This can be a money saving strategy and delivers more for your campaigns.

Uday is a professional SEO and writes articles online. He writes on Seo blogs for the benefit of search engine optimization entrants. Uday also writes on top SEO services in India which offer Internet Marketing consultancy. He writes on various Internet based topics.

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