5 SEO Tips That Will Shoot Your Website To Page 1 Of Google

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SEO tips are commonly thrown around on sites like forums and blogs, and of course there is some good information out there on the world wide web, but you’ve got to be careful.

Some ideas seem good at first but are really just bad information. Luckily, these SEO tips will always stand true, and if you aren’t implementing them as a part of your strategy for better rankings then you will be missing out.

#1 – Use your main keyword in your domain name. More importantly, always go for a.com,.net, or.org domain. If your first choice is already taken, you can insert dashes between the words to still get your key phrase in there. Another alternative is to use what is known as a stop word or letter at the end. These are items that Google discounts as unimportant. Letters like X, Y, Z and words such as “and”, “com” and “go”. Googling a list of stop words will bring up a list of them for future reference.

#2 – Put your main keyword in your title tag. This is one of the best SEO tips by far that can give you great success. Properly title your page, but be careful – search engines will only display up to 70 characters in their
listings. Try to stay within this boundary and make sure that your title both describes the content of your page and is worthy of a click.

#3 – Use the header 1 tag to title your page. Place your main key phrase that you want to get ranked for in the H1 tag at the top of your page. I see a lot of websites neglecting to do this, but it’s super important. You may have the urge to use a fancy graphic to name your site or page, but images aren’t as search engine optimization friendly as good old fashioned practices.

Also, use your H2 tag for keyword variations or sub-key phrases on your site. This tag can be used as many times as you like on a page, but should be used beneath H1 to list sub topics or additional information.

#4 – Build a diverse collection of back links. This is probably one of the best SEO tips that I can give. Everyone gets crazy over dofollow and high page rank links, but diversity is key. This means getting links from articles, blog comments, forums, social bookmarking, video hosting sites, PDF document sharing sites and even getting links from different domain extensions as in.net,.uk,.co and.info.

#5 – Write solid content that has never been seen before. You’ve heard that content is king, well it really is true. You articles should be informative, entertaining, feature your keyword throughout and should contain other related search terms. You content should also be at least 500 words long, and it’s OK if it offers common
knowledge found elsewhere, but it should have your special touch on it.

Listen. SEO tips are great, but you’ve got to have the whole picture to be successful online. Want to dominate the search results, get more traffic and make more money as a result? then go here.

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