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A lot of people think they can just start writing SEO articles without researching what is involved in search engine optimization. While the most important aspect of writing SEO articles is maintaining quality and providing readers with valuable information, the style is also important to consider. You cannot write an online article as you would a magazine article and expect results. Website visitors have different expectations coming to a website than they do flipping open a magazine and, just as importantly, Google determines the value of an article, in part, by its tone and style.

An informal article directed at the end-user is, in Google’s perspective, much more relevant than one written in a formal tone. People visit websites to learn new things and find answers to their questions. They do not want to have to wade through a lot of unimportant information to get the answer they are looking for. That means that a SEO article should be short and to the point. It should address the problem, offer a solution, and conclude. That is why most of the articles you will find on the Internet are 500 words or less. Many popular blog writers understand this and break longer articles into a series of articles.

SEO articles also need to be keyword optimized but not be keyword stuffed. Google’s algorithms were expertly crafted to ignore spam efforts and reward good, honest SEO. That means that putting your keyword in an article ten times will probably work against you. Instead, try to introduce it three or four times for every four hundred words or about once every one hundred words of an article. Do not focus on trying to please the search engine. Google is interested in showing results that human readers would find relevant. So, your best approach is to tailor your article to the human audience.

If you are going to include pictures in your article content, make sure you use the ALT tag to help both Google and human viewers understand what the picture relates to. Really, your goal is to write in a tone that visitors would feel comfortable reading, on a topic that visitors are interested about, and keep it at the right length so that everything is covered but it does not take forever to read. It might be helpful to bold key concepts so that visitors can find the part of the article writing most pertinent to them.

Brian Jardine is an accomplished creative director at ALG Agency in Atlanta. He has crafted online branding and marketing campaigns for small to large companies in a variety of industries. Contact Brian to find out how to expand your marketing reach via print, web, web development, SEO strategies and video marketing.

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