Three Alternative Ways to Pay for Search Marketing Services As They Work

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SEO is a vital element of modern marketing services, but it may come as a surprise to learn that they are not necessarily paid for in the usual way. Often, the method that client companies pay for internet or web search marketing can be much more flexible, and rewarding.

As with every service providers, clients can pay a set fee each month or at the end of set terms. This is the normal payment concept that we are all familiar with and works perfectly fine, but for services from some companies expert in SEO, UK businesses can actually pay on performance related structures.

There is little doubt that this kind of payment model is more beneficial to any client company that the flat fee structure, though understandably some companies prefer the old, straightforward payment structure. However, there is equally little doubt that website optimisation is all about results, and if the SEO experts are doing their job correctly, then growth can be expected.

The growth enjoyed may be to varying degrees, but the best SEO experts are fully confident that the degree will be sufficient to pay their fees. Such confidence is somewhat comforting to clients, who know that their service provider is as reliant on campaign success as they are.

Of course, the question is how these alternative structures work. That is why we have listed three of the most popular forms below.

Pay On Results

While it is always possible to agree a flat fee per month, some forward thinking SEO companies are willing to charge on a Pay On Results basis. This is a little like the Pay Per Click structure that some online advertisements boast where, instead of paying advertisement fees, the advertiser only pays for each time the ad is clicked on.

But Pay On Results, or PoR, is different because it is relates to the ranking that a particular site has. PPC requires a set pre paid budget when the advertisement appears on the right side of a search engine page. A fee is withdrawn from that figure each time it is click upon, and when enough clicks are made, the budget is gone and the advertisement disappears.

The PoR structure has two models, with one relating to the increase in visits to a client website, and the other to the growth in sales that a client website experiences. The former is ideal for brochure sites, while the latter is best for online stores.

Pay Per Enquiry

Increased traffic to a website is no guarantee of any additional business done and many visitors may click around the site and then go. It is only when they actually show an interest that some client companies will feel that progress has been made.

The Pay Per Enquiry payment scheme focuses on the increased number of enquiries that visitors make. This form of payment is ideal for financial service providers, consultancy services and software licensing. By increasing traffic to the website of such services, the rate of enquiries should increase and this is the sole basis for the fees paid.

Cost Per Acquisition

It is an unfortunate truth that not every SEO company get things right, and the results of a campaign can be far less than expected. Often this means a once bitten twice shy attitude and the willingness to pay out on a marketing option that may not be trusted can be low.

Responsible SEO and search marketing service providers are happy to acknowledge this, which is why a Cost Per Acquisition, also known as Cost Per Action, payment structure is offered.

This payment scheme involves no upfront fee or regular monthly fee to be paid, but is based only on the increase in revenue that a site enjoys. This means even if traffic to a client website increases dramatically, the client does not pay unless a sale is actually made. The SEO company is given a percentage of the increased revenue, not a flat fee per sale.

When it comes to both SEM and SEO UK companies are entitled to expect the highest levels of service, and of results. There is no doubt that website optimisation is essential if a website is to prove effective in a commercial capacity, and the fairest methods of paying for the expertise required is to bade the payments on results.

Kath Dawson writes for Strategy Internet Marketing, an seo uk company. The main service they offer is website optimisation for search marketing, but they also offer a range of other services from user testing and conversion optimisation to creative link building.

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