A Review Of The FatCow Hosting Company

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FatCow is one of the cheapest on the Net – a rate some say will not buy them even a burger. They provide the advantages of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited pop mail boxes, unlimited databases and quite a few other features which only very few web hosting companies would offer.

FatCow provides Miva Merchant on all web hosting accounts – a shopping cart which is by far the best on the Net. With their easy to use tools it is possible to set up an online store within minutes. With the registration comes a free domain which is there for keeps. With one account any number of domains can be hosted; a benefit which no other company has offered yet. This sure is a cost saving feature which helps in attracting several aspirants to have accounts with this company.

It also has software that the account holder can use to build his/her own website. Their site builder is ideal for new comers as it is a simple to use step by step web builder. The website can be built in minutes without any knowledge of HTML. The drag and drop feature is a great help.

The control panel is loaded with plenty of features. Their navigation menus are easy to understand even by a novice. Help information is at hand if the need arises. A simple control panel is a great time saver and FatCow knows how important it is to help their account holders in this matter.

Once registered with FatCow, advertising on Google’s advertising network is possible with a heavy discount. The same applies to Yahoo and some other prominent sites.

WordPress is fully integrated within their software and it is ready to be used once registration is completed – a great boon for those eager to create their own blogs. Getting an account with this company also provides a free entry in the yellow pages. This is surely a nice way to advertise oneself without having to pay anything for it.

With web hosting comes a toll free number available for the user. The website manages and tracks the calls. There is no equipment necessary. A toll free number is a great boon to customers whenever they need to contact their suppliers. This feature lifts up a businessman to a certain level.

Their chat room is always there 24 hours, attending to problems, if any, faced by those using their facility. Especially for new comers, there will always be countless questions that need to be answered and what better way than have someone from FatCow to attend to them 24 hours.

‘Upperhost’ that is known for its unbiased reviews has given FatCow a place among the top ten web hosting companies. Even several other sites have endorsed it as being one of the best web hosting companies. Go to Fatcow coupon page for discount on Fatcow deals.

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