Can You Make Money On YouTube?

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For most people, YouTube is simply a video hosting website that provides hours upon hours of entertainment; it’s good regardless of whether you are looking to simply waste your time or learn something specific. However, what most people don’t realize is that YouTube is far more than just an entertainment and education center you can also make money on YouTube. The best thing about this technique is that it doesn’t require you to have any capital beforehand, or experience in anything when it comes to computers (although you will need to get slightly familiar with Windows Movie Maker, or any other video editing software you may have).

So what is this technique that can make money on YouTube? Well, first of all you need to join the Amazon affiliate network (which is quite simple and easy), after which you need to look around for hot products. Make sure that the product you will be promoting has at least a few hundred reviews behind it. Also, you should keep in mind that products having to do with vanity, such as weight loss pills and teeth whitening for example, are by far more successful than other products. After finding the product, you need to go on YouTube and find a few videos where people review the product. Download the videos to your computer using a special plug-in you can find on Google, and edit them in your video editing software so there is an image before and after the actual video, urging your viewers to click the link in the description, which will be your amazon affiliate link to the product.

After you are done with making your versions of the videos, upload them all to YouTube. After that, take the videos again and cut out 0.1 seconds out of each one, and upload them again, under a different name and a different description; if you don’t cut out the 0.1 seconds, YouTube will detect duplicate videos. If your goal is to make money on YouTube fast, this can prove to be just what you need; of course, like pretty much everything in life, it’s not totally guaranteed to work, especially seeing as how YouTube keeps updating every few months.

If you can focus, work hard and disciplined enough to put the time into the project then I have no doubt that anyone can do it. There are millions of people who are doing it right now.

Gildo Teixeira

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