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After the Amazon EC2 crisis last year many were left with mixed feelings about the reliability of cloud hosting. Amazon has since learned what exactly happened and has and will continue to work on preventative measures to ensure there is not a second occurrence. The truth of it all is that many, while perfectly comfortable with cloud storage, still have mixed feelings about cloud hosting. The main reason for that is it is often not explained well in articles that tend to skip around from one thing to the next. So let’s focus on the basics of cloud hosting, the role it has already played, and will continue to play into the future.

Cloud hosting has some things in common with shared hosting but there are also some significant differences. Many authors are still in the dark ages when shared web hosting services used only one server for all their clients. When something happened to that server or when their traffic spiked, everyone’s sites went down. That has not been the case for some time. The advanced technology of web hosts includes load balancing technology, much like cloud hosting, where your website is available on multi-servers so if one should go down your site will still be live on another server. This allows most reliable web hosts to boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Also, both shared and cloud hosting are cost effective; however, you get much more for your money and have more control with cloud hosting as you only pay for what you use.

What exactly is cloud hosting? It is a type of internet hosting where the client leases virtualized, dynamically scalable infrastructure on a pay as you go basis accessed from web browsers, mobile phones and apps. Users usually have the choice of what operating system (OS) they use as well as being a “virtual server” environment in which resources can be quickly and easily added. Cloud hosting uses a large pooled network of servers that are off-site in remote data centers. When looking for a cloud service provider it is important to ensure they have a service level agreement (SLA), some type of back up available and disaster recovery protection.

What does cloud hosting offer?

  • Can scale up as you need it, almost instantly and if your traffic slows down you can scale down
  • You only pay for what you use (just like the way an electric meter works)
  • You can remotely access a cloud server whenever you need it and if you decide you no longer need it, you can disconnect
  • So, to re-focus we have: scalability, instant access and metered billing to save you money
  • Each website is mirrored to ensure consistent performance regardless of the number of visitors you have on your site
  • With cloud hosting the uptime goes up to 100% due to its automatic scalability
  • Cloud hosting gives you many of the advantages of dedicated hosting (owning your own server) without the cost involved
  • When you need additional services you simply increase your bandwidth allotment on your own

You will find your options for cloud hosting at this point a tad limited; however, as more and more people turn to the cloud for their online solutions, more competitors will appear which will drive the price down. Cloud computing technology has been around awhile, but recently it’s the latest buzz. Everywhere you look there’s an article on cloud computing and it can be overwhelming. The main points to remember about cloud hosting are: scalability, instant access, you can increase or decrease services from your plan at any time, and metered billing where you pay as you go.

Cloud computing will only accelerate in 2012. It is not just a trend, it is here to stay and evolve towards maximum performance. Companies will be focused on cost-effective considerations during cloud implementations. CSP’s will tailor their skills to get the most performance, scalability and security in place so consumers can be assured their getting the most practical and efficient hosting solution available with the cloud. Cloud hosting is the future. It would be in your best interest to further examine it as a potential online solution for your online business.

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