What a Problem Host Can Do to Your PPC Company

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Pay Per Click marketing is a fantastic new career for many that was not so widely available in the 90’s. You can sell products and services for yourself or for other companies at the convenience of your home. Examples of products you can sell range from the hundreds of thousands of Amazon.com products alone! Then you have other companies like Bass Pro Online, Nike, Reebok, and others selling all their products online. You literally have millions of products to choose from. Examples of services you can push via PPC are web hosting services, contracting services for companies, and dating programs like eHarmoney.

Now, when you pick your product or service to promote, you need to ensure that you track all the clicks you send to your campaign, because that is how you optimize your campaign and throw out junk keywords. There are plenty of programs to choose from to track your click through rates, but my issue that I want to discuss is hosting the actual software.

With pay per click tracking programs, you have the choice sometimes of having the application hosted freely with the company (if they allow it), or most likely having the application self-hosted on your own shared or private server hosting account.

Whatever you choose, do not take this step so lightly. You must find a hosting company that can manage your high bandwidth (since all the clicks you send to your campaign are tracked through your application). The program I use recommends that you can use any hosting company if you intend on 50,000 clicks or less monthly, but if you decide to promote more heavily monthly, then you need to really look at the details of your host.

For one thing, make sure that your host has the latest PHP version, which should be PHP 5.2. If you have anything lower, it can also become a factor (like bandwidth) in your PPC problems.

Whats the real problem if your application hosted site lags a bit you say? Well think of it this way..

If you promote a campaign on Bing or Google (lets say..), and its a weight loss sign-up offer, you want to make sure that your visitor has no problems at all. If you host with a junky site and do this campaign, your visitor can incur a minimal to massive lag-time from initial click on your advertisement to getting to the landing page which will make you money.

This lag time can result in income lost from your efforts that would have been otherwise yours. I hope this information helps you re-evaluate your web host. Remember that you only need to watch out for a few criteria like bandwidth and PHP version to make sure your host is up to standards. If you get private server hosting, you should usually be in the clear!

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