SEO PART 6 – Backlinks – What Are They and How Do They Help With Search Engine Optimization

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Hello once again

OK folks, back to basics. I don’t think there is anyone out there who has not heard of a backlink. If you are someone who hasn’t, you must read this as you will probably learn more about backlinking in this short article than reading a whole book somewhere else on the internet.

First we need to determine exactly what a backlink is.


A backlink is a link which you have placed somewhere for the specific purpose of directing others to your own site.

The total number of quality backlinks your site has is a fantastic indication of just how popular it is with other website owners. These links are vitally important for SEO purposes as a search engine will give more credit to a site which has a substantial number of GOOD QUALITY BACKLINKS. I emphasise QUALITY BACKLINKS! Anything less is no good to you as I will explain further on.

In short, search engines view these sites as more relevant than others in the results pages when someone activates a search enquiry.

In the newest Google Panda scenario, Google appear to have “cleaned out” spammy, poor content sites and sites with “dubious” links. This is all good as they are favouring sites with more natural links which have been built up over a longer period of time.


It is straightforward to “manipulate” web page links to achieve better pageranking but it is more difficult to dupe a search engine with backlinks from another site. These links are now classed as a priority in a search engine’s algorithm.

These days it is more difficult to acquire these types of links because of the underhanded practices used by some webmasters.

We believe that the best method of achieving quality backlinks is to entice “quality visitors” to your site by legal methods.

There are a number of ways in which back linking can be achieved.

Reciprocal Linking – is where you link to a site that provides the same service as you and they have a link to your site on theirs.

Site Submissions – Submit links for your site to directories which allow free submissions. There are hundreds of sites where you can submit your site details to numerous sites

Articles – This is a brilliant method of backlinking. If your site contains informative, well written content and remarks, there is a great chance that your articles will achieve high search engine rankings also.

You should also write a few articles for submission to article sites such as EzineArticles, you will get more backlinks to your own site. This form of “article marketing” is a whole new ball game and one I will deal with in a different posting.

Thanks for reading this far. This is my sixth and final article in this series. I hope you found my previous five articles on the subject of SEO both interesting and rewarding.

Thank you

Roberto & Tom

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