Advantages of Using Readymade Software Scripts or Websites

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Most of the times many of us do not make an effort to write our own scripts, since many scripts of very good quality can be found on the internet for either no cost or at very competitive costs. A variety of scripts in a host of languages including PHP are on offer on various sites.

Many webmasters don’t write their own PHP scripts, simply because, either they don’t know how to, or they just don’t bother to write one when they can just pick up a readymade one. So whether you don’t know how to write, or are simply too lazy to or too busy to write one, keep a few things in mind before blindly picking up scripts.

1. What exactly should your script do?
Basically a check on the requirements of the script should be made. What’s the use of hunting for a script if your host can’t run it?

2. How big is it going to cost?
A lot of start-ups are extremely cost conscious. The fact that you are looking for readymade script could mean that you are indeed concerned with costs. Just because you are on a shoestring budget doesn’t mean that you won’t get a good script for cheap or for free. It just means that you’re not looking hard enough. So if at first you don’t do well, try another time.

3. Customization.
You have a basic layout and blueprint of your website ready. So does this script fit in? Is it flexible? Can you change the look and the feel of your site, letting you change colors etc? It if lets you do all that, great!

4. Heed the features.
What are the features that you will need? Does the script have all of those? Well, if not, than how many features are you short by? Will installing this script be a positive solution or will there be additional requirements? If it’s going to fall short, look harder.

5. Ease of installation.
How easy is a script to install? Though most of the scripts are quite straightforward to install certainly not all of them are. Better to upload the script, answer a few queries from your Internet browsing software, and lo and behold, you’re ready to go! Complicated scripts will require a little tweaking at the code level during the set up.

6. What about the support?
Most of the zero cost scripts, and perhaps a few of the paid ones also, won’t come with support thrown in. In case of any problems with them then you won’t know where to go. You may have to ask the writer of the script or go online on various communities. It always helps if you know at the back of your mind that help is at hand.

7. Changes and Modifications.
A lot of scripts, like WordPress, have a lot of plug-ins that are separately available. You can add these plug-ins to make subtle changes to the way in which the script works. Additional features too can be added this way.

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