Creating a Plan for SEO Link Building

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Large numbers of quality external links are important to achieve the top search engine ranking you want. Besides engine rank, these links should be in places that your potential customers are likely to visit. To get the maximum value from each link, you should have a plan for SEO link building, just as for every other element of your marketing campaign.

The first step in creating a plan is to generate the keywords that will be your focus. Use a keyword tool to help you, as well as seeing what keywords are working for your competitors. Create a master list of keywords, which will change over time as you add new ones and remove those which have proven to be ineffective.

If you’re smart, you’ve got a calendar on which you have written your marketing plan for the entire year, and SEO should be included. Figure out what types of content you are going to deploy, and when you want to do it. If you want to update your social media pages weekly, mark it on the calendar. If you want to send out quarterly press releases, mark it on the calendar.

Another nice benefit of using the calendar is that you can plan strategies to coincide with holidays, business anniversaries, peak and ebb periods, financial reports, and any other events that might be relevant. Content tied to these events is more engaging to readers, leading to stronger links. With everything planned out on the calendar, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare and submit your content.

Consider that search engine algorithms look for large numbers of identical links which have appeared in a short period of time and will de-rank the link. Take care to avoid mass submissions. It’s all right to have your content ready to go ahead of time, but strategic deployment will produce better results. With a plan in hand, you’ll be better prepared to roll out content on a schedule that looks natural to search engines, improving rank.

Reviewing your metrics (conversion rate, keyword performance, and other analytics) regularly will enable to change your strategy as needed. This is the only way to evaluate how successful your marketing campaign is. Include review dates in your plan, so you won’t forget or be tempted to skip them to save time.

It’s not always easy to keep up with marketing demands, especially if you are on your own. Having a plan to follow will keep you on track, and help you to approach SEO from a more relaxed frame of mind. Of course, you’ll remain flexible so that you can respond to changes in the market or as a result of feedback.

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