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Email marketing of delis is a great way for the architects of these sandwiches to stay in touch with those who wolf them down-and assure that these customers will find their way to the deli when the mood for a hearty sandwich strikes!

Beginning a campaign aimed at email marketing of delis is as simple as placing a notepad and pen at the deli counter or cash register and asking customers to jot down their email addresses. Remind them that email marketing, of delis and other retail establishments, is the best way to remain informed about a business and the deals it offers.

The software required for a deli’s email marketing campaign is inexpensive to purchase and easy to install and manage, which is essential not only because local-owned delis are watching every cent but also because it is far less costly and much more effective than placing an ad in the local newspaper. That may have been the way of doing things a generation ago, but shrinking newspaper sizes and rising advertising rates no longer make print advertising a wise investment for deli owners.

In addition, the software allows delis to deliver their message in a much more targeted and interactive fashion than any newspaper ad (or television or radio commercial, for that matter). Everyone knows a good meal involves all the senses, and what better way to whet someone’s appetite than with several pictures of delicious looking sandwiches? With email marketing software, deli owners can not only send personalized messages to customers but also include the photos as well as a list of the sandwich’s ingredients and several customer testimonials.

The email marketing of delis is also an excellent way for these establishments to let customers know of sales and specials as well as to remind them that all the little side extras that make a sandwich so great-from condiments and chips to sodas and other drinks-are all available at the deli. And let customers know they can enjoy the best of both worlds at a deli: in addition to getting sandwiches there, they can also buy the mass quantities of lunch meat that can be used to make great sandwiches at home.

Of course, there’s no way to project just exactly when the mood for a deli-made sandwich will strike. But occasional emails to customers-once or twice a month-will ensure the local deli remains on their minds and make it far more likely they’ll head to the deli when the hankering for a high quality, homemade sandwich appears. Email marketing of delis benefits everyone-look into it today!

Dan Forootan is the President of EZ Publishing, Inc., the creator of the StreamSend Email Marketing service.

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