Get Good With B2C Email Marketing – The Starting Stages of a Good Campaign

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B2C email marketing is nuts! The reason I say that is because there are a couple of variables you must consider in order to get higher open rates and click-through ratios.

For example getting someone to just open the email is only one piece of the puzzle, you’ve got to captivate and keep the flow going in a fun and cool way.

So how is it that you will manage all of this? That is what we will get into today!

1. Know your audience – Who is it that you have on your list. Whether you are creating articles such as this one, or you already have a list to market to… Do you know why they are on your list? If not you better go find out.

2. Have an offer that they would want – They are on your list or looking for your information for a reason. Find that reason out with the previous step and then give them what they want. The key is to solve their problems in an efficient way which keeps them away from paid and closer to pleasure.

3. Paint a pleasing picture in their minds – solve that mysterious pain that they will experience if your readers do not take you up on the offer. Give them a picture within their minds to create the solution to the problem with your offer.

Now you are ready to write that email.

The headline is very important. If the headline is not on point, then no one will get to the body copy. So what do we do in this situation?

Create a damn good headline that will make the reader open your emails. Take a look at the good old fashion cosmo magazine and take some variation of their words, but cater to your audience.

Ultimately you want to create a huge swipe file of headlines to pull out when the time comes.
Don’t be afraid to be too cool within your emails as they might be rewarding.

These are the first steps I go through in order to create the beginnings of a good b2c email marketing campaign.

After that comes the body copy and more essentials that we can go over in another excerpt.

But in the mean time, you have a starting foundation to creating a booming email that your subscribers will read and love you for. Don’t be alarmed if sales are a direct result of this.

It can change the way you look at email marketing when you know the real nitty gritty behind high quality b2c email marketing.

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