What Is a Dedicated IP?

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There are many advantages to having a dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) assigned to your website. One of these benefits would be security. A website will be more secure using a Dedicated IP. Static IP’s is also used with a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and a Secure Socket Layer Certification(SSL cert).

In today’s internet age most online businesses need a Dedicated IP as opposed to a Shared IP for security. Keep in mind, even if your website is being used by a Shared IP your website will work fine, as long as you are not going to be using certain configurations like a merchant account linked to your website. Merchant accounts allows visitors to pay using credit cards. A SSL Certificate is required in order to accept credit cards. This makes a secure transfer from the visitor’s PC or device to the website and likewise for the website. Instead of HTTP it will be HTTPS. SSL Certificates ensures that the information being submitted and received is confidential. The SSL also contains information about the owner of the certification. These certifications are controled by Certification Authorities(CA). This conclusion means that if you are going to be selling something online you need a SSL Certificate.

You might want your site visitors to download files anonymously from your FTP server, a static IP will be required to implement this type of protocol. Anonymous FTP won’t work properly if there is not a Static IP present. Many file sharing websites use this type of protocol. Sharing files is essential to the internet.

Some people think that having a this type of IP can improve their site ranking. Site ranking can be measured by how many visitors your site gets to how many links the particular site has linking to and from the website, with relevance.

There are websites out there that are connected to link farms. Link farms are a number of websites that may be on the same IP linking together with in-links and out-links. The search engines don’t like this type of practice. They want authentic links. By getting a dedicated IP you can be a separate entity from the bad neighbors.

Most hosting companies would recommend that a website should have a their IP dedicated for security purposes. You can also access your website/domain by entering the dedicated IP address.A static IP can be obtained with as little as $2 to $4 dollars/mo. There are hosting companies that can provide dedicated IP’s.


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