What to Expect From a Web Host in 2012

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With all the changes in trends and technology and cloud hosting a prominent future hosting solution, shared web hosting still remains the most sought after type of hosting. Many are waiting for the kinks in cloud hosting to be properly addressed before making the switch and some still doubt its reliability. However; in today’s market, what you need to focus on is the technology used and the security measures provided by the individual web host. Moving fast and staying safe are the major concerns of today’s online world.

Load Balancing technology (also referred to as multi-cluster hosting and pooled environment) is a must. It is the same technology used in cloud hosting. Shared web hosting providers have adapted it and advanced its capabilities over the years. It ensures multiple servers are used in a proficient manner and prevents any one server from being overwhelmed by heavy usage such as traffic spikes. If one particular server becomes overwhelmed by too many network demands, traffic is re-routed to another server. This technology minimizes downtime and interruptions and allows most web hosts using it to boast a 99.9% uptime, backed up by some with a guarantee.

Multiple data centers are now seen within prominent web hosting companies. Two data centers can increase loading and uploading speeds as well as email. They greatly enhance the performance of your website and its components. Two data centers cover more area and thus have a broader reach. They are more powerful, efficient and faster than one data center. The web host you choose, with multiple data centers, will help you decide which one will best serve your needs. Some offer free upload tests from each of their data centers to determine the speed difference between them.

You also want a host with multiple internet connections at a decent speed (bandwidth). Go to their site and check how fast their page loads and it will give you some idea of their response time. A web service provider may charge less, but have slow bandwidth compared to another that costs more and offers really fast bandwidth. Most web hosting services use a backbone connection which includes multiple OC-48 Internet connections. With OC-48, data is transmitted at the rate of 2.4Gbps so you definitely won’t have any trouble with fast page loading. In addition, be on the lookout for the few hosting providers that have started using OC-96 Internet connections; transmitting data at 4.8 Gbps (super-fast). You should always be aware of the speed of the web host’s bandwidth prior to making a hosting plan purchase.

Security is on everybody’s mind these days. You definitely want a web host that has great security measures in place. Without question, you want a service provider that provides 24×7 network monitoring for any and all intrusions and performs “daily” site backups. Multi-layer firewall protection is a definite as are backup connections which need to be UPS (uninterrupted power supply) with generator backup. You can check for this under the About Us or technology section on the web service provider’s website. Like most people, you want your email safe, so only deal with hosting providers offering secure POP3/IMAP/SMTP and SPAM filtering. Virus protection is one of those wants that’s hard to find, most web hosts don’t offer it. If you seek, you shall find, for it is out there. Top-notch providers offer it and won’t empty your wallet either. Security implementations protect your website from unwanted intrusions and keep your site up and running, which is of utmost importance if you run an online business.

To recap, you need performance, speed and security. Don’t get caught up in who’s offering unlimited this and that because, truth be told, do you really need unlimited anything? Concentrate on the fact that even a small business site probably won’t use more than 1GB of bandwidth per month. Check out the security measures that are in place to protect your business and/or personal site. Focus on the technology the web host is using and become familiar with the terms. Make a wise choice! In a world where everyone is moving at break-neck speed, this is one area where you want to hit the brakes. Take your time, do your homework, and make a choice you won’t regret. Get a web hosing service that will lead you into the future not hold you in the past.

A strong online presence has limitless potential toward putting you on the path to success, but finding a web hosting company in today’s market can be an overwhelming task. At Web Hosting Review Innovations all the research and hard work has been done for you. We have compiled a table of the best web hosting companies, key web host features and editor’s reviews to enable you in making an informed decision. You have questions-we have answers and options.

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