Email Marketing Tips – Creating a Goal and an Overall Feel for Your Email Campaign

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Have you ever thought about the overall message you’re conveying to your subscribers through your email campaign? If you haven’t, you may want to give it some thought. Your email campaign should have an overall feel to it. Ask yourself what is the overall message you’re trying to convey to your readers. What types of feeling do you want your readers to experience?

First, decide the overall feel of your campaign.

When deciding on an overall feel for your campaign, remember that you can’t be all things to all people. If you’re looking to connect with advanced golfers your language should be in line with the language an advanced golfer would use vs the language a beginner would use. Trying to play both sides of the fence will result in fewer sales. You’ll be better off creating two lists, one for beginner golfers and another for those who are advanced.

What type of feeling? Do you want to be serious, fun, simple, action oriented, motivating, energetic, etc.

Whichever type of feelings you want to produce from your readers, keep it consistent. People begin to expect a certain feel from you. They may open your emails and expect to get straight to business or maybe the expect to have a few laughs. You don’t want to fluctuate feelings too often as this could lead to people leaving your list. It’s better to have multiple lists than try to reach everyone with one email campaign.

Second, set the main goal for your campaign.

In order to set a main goal for you email campaign, you should know what your goal is for being online. Are you here to make some new friends, teach someone a hobby, make money, share information, etc.

Once you know that, the goal of your campaign should be inline with your online goals. An example of an email campaign goal may be to teach people about the various aspects of your hobby. My email campaign goal is to turn visitors into opt ins, and opt ins into buyers. Ask yourself what you want from your email campaign and what you want from the subscribers on your list.

Once you decide the main goal for you campaign, everything you do when working online should be working towards that goal. Before your write and send out an email, ask yourself is that email bringing me closer to my goal or pushing me further away?

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