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When writing emails for your email marketing campaign, there are a few basic tips you can follow to make things easier and flow smoother. No matter how big your list is or how big you want it to be, write your emails with a personal feel. When writing, imagine that you’re writing to one specific person. A simple way to do this is by acting as if you’re writing to a friend. If that’s too difficult, ask a friend to subscribe to your list so you can make it real.

Write naturally. Write like you’re talking directly to the reader. It’s kind of hard to do this when using email templates. I’m not a big fan of email templates because they don’t come off as natural. When a friend asks you about your day, you don’t respond with a template style answer do you? No, you tell them what went on, ask a question here and there, then end the conversation.

Do the same thing with the people on your list.

That’s how I do it and it works. I often ask them a question then tell them they can learn something by clicking the link then end the email. It’s simple, but extremely effective.

Sometimes I may tell them a story then give them a link relating to the story. My emails vary. There is no concrete structure, that way they come off as being natural. Remember, it’s a real person on the other end opening up your emails. When you send an email to your friend or family member you don’t use the same format each and every time, do you?

Here is a sample of how one of my emails look when I’m telling a story. Again, this is not to be followed to the “T” it’s merely an example to paint a clearer picture for you. Make it your own, add your own personality and flare to it.

Here’s an example:

Subject Line – An accurate statement that describes the contents of the email, but at the same time captures and leads their attention and/or builds curiosity. You don’t have to go too deep here. Keep it simple. Something like “Jason, did you miss this?” or “Paul, are you being lied to?”.

Intro – Often times I open with a simple question – “Do you know how to use article marketing to drive targeted traffic to your squeeze page?”

Story – Then I may give them a short story about a problem I had related to the question I just asked and tell them that I solved the problem

2nd Question – Then I may ask them an additional question relating to the story – “Do you want to learn exactly how I overcame this problem?”

Call to action – This is where I tell them what action I want them to take. I may say something like – “Click the link below and see for yourself how I did it.”

Then I close with my name and may tell them about an upcoming email or encourage them to “hit reply” if they have any questions.

This is a simple and effective way to write emails. Mix it up and make it personal to your list. Never use the same ol’ template, structure, or format.

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