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A lot of people have not realized that it is actually possible to optimise their Flickr accounts to make them more SEO friendly and, therefore, more likely to rank well in searches. Before creating a Flickr account, however, you should decide whether it is going to be helpful for your business or not. Do you work with a photographer, such as in a photography business, the fashion industry or even event management? If so, then applying SEO to your Flickr account is a good idea.

Image Titles

This is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to SEO and your Flickr account. Don’t forget to name photos, or just leave the name as whatever your camera decided to call it when it was saving the image to its memory – this makes it impossible for them to rank well. When it comes to SEO, you should consider the location where the image was taken, whether it is associated with any branding, and whether it is of a particular product – include these keywords in the title, but, for SEO, keep it short and clear.

Image Descriptions

This is the perfect place to add in SEO links, such as to your blog or website if you discuss something similar or in more detail there. Use similar keywords to what you used in your image title. For SEO purposes, you should always aim to get around 3 or 4 lines of text.

Image Tags

Whilst a lot of people feel tags are useless for SEO, there is no harm is spending a little time adding tags to your Flickr images. Unlike in other social networking profiles and websites, the way that SEO works for Flickr is slightly different and every little bit helps. Add both popular tags (as long as they are related to the area your image is in, such as women’s fashion) and niche tags (such as, Alannah Hill dress). In SEO, you should never add any more than 10 tags.

External Linking

As everyone in the SEO world knows, external links are invaluable when it comes to ranking well in searches, so include links to your Flickr photos from all your other websites (including blogs and even social media). It is also a good idea to give other people permission to use your images, as long as they provide a link back to your Flickr account for SEO.

Remember, when creating a Flickr account for your business, it is always best to opt for the paid ‘Pro-Account’, as this gives you the extra options including being able to create collections, which can be very helpful for SEO. The free account, while still SEO compatible, doesn’t give you these options.

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