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It’s just the nature of the industry to see a lot of variety in different organic SEO solutions. But although individual aspects such as keyword choice, placement, and PPC can change, most of the common elements will remain the same. But what are they? And what are they designed to do? Understanding them will help you make the most informed decision about your web marketing needs.

Link Building

This is a core part of any viable SEO package. The purpose of it is simple: Google and other engines consider a site to be more valuable to users based partly on how many other sites are linking to it. In short, the more links pointing to a particular website and for a particular term, the better it’s likely to fare in the results. Link building is the art of finding ways to generate links that only come from good, reputable sources and benefit your business.

Onsite Optimization

There is a lot more to your website than meets the eye, and engine crawlers are experts in seeing all of it. Little details within the code of the page may not seem significant to a human reader, but to a crawler it can be quite a big issue. Onsite optimization involves changing these little details and can have a big impact on a website.

On-Page Optimization

This is really the heart of organic SEO. There is a common saying that “content is king,” and on-page strategy is all about content. The reason for its importance is simple: it is something that both crawlers and human visitors see. Therefore, it must be compelling enough to interest people, while also being rich in the keywords that indicate its utility and relevance for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

An SEO package that lacks these three elements isn’t likely to be as effective as desired. When done right, these three elements work together cooperatively to create an overall benefit for your website. Onsite and on-page combine to create something compelling for readers and for engines as well. Link building adds another dimension to the package by backing strong text with support from other sites.

Keep in mind that these are just the basics. They are the heart of most packages, but they are not the only options. There are many things which can be added on top of them and many strategies which can be used to accomplish these three goals. These are simply the pillars of virtually any package, found throughout the industry and used to help countless companies rise to the top for their desired terms.

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