Email Marketing Tips – How To Turn Your Email List Into Big Paydays

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By now you should know that the money is in the list. Building a targeted email list is one of the best things you can do to score big paydays and longterm success online.

Here’s the thing, having a large email list with active subscribers will yield you big paydays. Here’s how. Lets say you’ve built a list of 1,000 subscribers. After sending a few useful quality emails and building a relationship with your list you decide to recommend a product to your list. This could be a product you’ve created or an affiliate product. A certain percentage of the people on your list will purchase what you recommended. Let’s look at an example of how this works.

Let’s say you are promoting an affiliate product from click bank and you earn a 75% commission on each sale. For each product you sell you earn $37. Out of your 1,000 subscribers, you have a conversion rate of 5%. So that means 50 people purchase your recommended product resulting in $1,850.

Pretty sweet huh. Consider what your income would be like if you knew exactly what your list was hungry for and you had a conversion rate of 20%. That’s $7,400. What about 3,000 subscribers? What if you had 10,000 subscribers?

As you can see, building a targeted email list can bring in some big bucks when done right. So what do you need to build a list and turn it into big paydays? Not much. All you need is a website, auto responder with a free giveaway, and targeted traffic.

Place a squeeze page on your website, load your auto responder up with 20+ email messages, and drive targeted traffic. In your emails, offer a lot of free gifts of value and useful content that your subscribers can apply immediately. An easy way to find out what your subscribers want to purchase is by asking them. Ask them what their goals are and what are three of their biggest challenges. After you gather enough responses, create a product that solves their challenges and promote it to your list.

It’s really that simple. Many people get stuck when they try to over complicate this whole process.

The one key thing to focus on while building your list is building a relationship with your subscribers. This is the difference between big paydays and so-so results. Be patient, it’s not going to happen overnight. Focus on building relationships and the money will follow.

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