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Type anything on Google and get about fifty to sixty pages each with ten to fifteen links. And then it’s all your choice which one to chose. Many people chose the links that have the highest rankings and those having enough of time and patience may browse a few more pages.

Through all your searches, at least once you must have definitely thought of why Wikipedia is always topping the list or what probably is the basis of forming this list keeping some links in the front page and some way after and who decides these rankings!

It is all because of a text driven program called Search Engine Optimization. It is responsible for the ranking of the sites from most relevant to least relevant.

Now, you may think if this software regularly keeps on checking each and every site every time some modification is made or a new site is launched. There are about 20 billion pages on the web, making it practically impossible. A website may remain un-optimized for about two to three months.

SEO follows a series of processes to check relevance of the content and how helpful it will be to the user, and thus ranks the sites.

The first step towards analyzing any site is crawling, done by a crawler or a ‘spider’. The spider visits different web pages to check the content. But it cannot recognize any directories, scripts or flash movies, making the written content ultimate food for the spider. Then it indexes the content, identifying words and expressions, finally calculating the relevance of the matter. Different search engines have different algorithms for calculating relevancy and this state defines the fate of the search engine. Big search engines like Google or Yahoo keep on changing their algorithms. So, if you want your site to rank above all then make sure it is optimized carefully.

Without SEO, there is no way that helps people find a website Use of media for advertising your website like radio, newspaper or television may not attract as much of traffic as being ranked on the search engine. This is because the number of visitors searching on search engines needs the information more than anyone listening to radio or reading newspaper.

So, if the idea of launching a website is occupying your mind, don’t forget to have programmatic enhancements by a SEO consultant.

Some search engines give preference to links while some to keywords. To boost the rankings of your website and increase its publicity, revenue and exposure, always keep a check on the keywords, links and URL’s. Keyword density is an important aspect (which should be kept) as search strings are matched against keywords.

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