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Each time that you enter a query or a search into a search engine and then hit the enter button, you get a list of results from the web. That set of results tells you the best place to go to find what you are looking for.

The normal person will go to view the websites that appear closest to the top of the list. Have you ever wondered why the search engine returns those websites and how you can get your own website on the top search returns?

The answer to how those engines find those websites is search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO is a very hard-hitting marketing technique that is used to help the different search engines find your site and then rank it against others like it. Your site, based on your SEO and other factors, will rank higher or lower than others in the same niche.

Search engines are actually a fairly new part of the internet. Not developed until 1990, the first engine, known as Archie, officially named “Archive,” was really nothing more than a database of file names that it could seek out and find on the web when a user queried it. From there, search engines have developed into sophisticated software with unique algorithms that drive them. Your SEO work helps create a way for the various engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing, to find your website, blog, video or other online presence.

Each search engine uses a unique algorithm in order to find the websites. For example, note that:

  • Google relies a great deal more on the entire text.
  • Yahoo offers paid listings
  • Yahoo and Bing depend more on the keywords that are scattered throughout the text.

Thus the differences noted above may make it easier to understand how to get your website listed and rising through the ranks in Bing and Yahoo than in Google.

SEO is designed to work in concert with the algorithms in order to help your text-driven search engines find your website and rate it. The better your SEO, the more swiftly your site is ranked and the higher your website ranking will be.

SEO Ghostwriters and Virtual Assistants

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