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So you’re a business owner and you find yourself asking ‘Why is video marketing so important to promote your website? Well…If you’re thinking about putting videos on your website. The answer is yes! A staggering 180 million U.S internet users watched video content online in July 2011. Video has become a big part of marketing your business online, so it’s becoming harder to ignore the benefits of using videos to promote your business.

Here are a few reasons why you should embrace video:
-YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet.
-Videos are able to show up in Google search results
-They may actually rank better than your website
-They are more engaging and can stand out in search results.
-Videos keep potential customers on your website for longer as they want to know about your products/services.

Many people think that YouTube is full of gimmicky videos or may think that their customers/target audience aren’t interested in YouTube, but it’s important to remember that things have changed in the past few years. Times are changing and technology is advancing. More people are using YouTube to learn how to do things and how to buy things. It’s their first port of call for information on how things work and it’s where they’ll go if wish to compare other products or services to yours. People want to see how your product/services are making lives easier.

YouTube is not only the second largest search engine in the world, but its video results also show up in Google’s search results. This means that out of ten searches that Google shows up, 1 of them could potentially be your video. Most people would rather watch a two minute video rather than sit through 9 text searches.

Depending on the popularity of your video and the other online competition, you video may even rank higher than your website for the chose topic. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get ahead of your competition to promote your business. You can combine social media marketing with video marketing, simply by adding links to your news feeds/tweets etc, this allows you to reach an even wider audience, as your followers may ‘like’ ‘share’ or ‘tweet’ about your video.

It’s important to embed your video onto your website; this motivates people to stay on there for a longer period of time, which gives them more time to take note of what you offer. It also helps you increase the number of ‘hits’ these are the overall number of views of your video. The more hits you have on a video the more reputable your business looks. You’ll then find that people will want to engage in your future videos. So add them to your websites! Send them out in your business e-mails/newsletters! And share them on your social networks!

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