5 Reasons Businesses Must Have Reliable Commercial Website Hosting

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As online shopping continues its recent trend of explosive growth in the years to come, it’s important for businesses who want to survive to adapt to the changing times. This means having a website accessible at any time for their customers, and the key to ensuring that is reliable commercial website hosting.

Choosing the company that hosts your website is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make, and here are the reasons why.

1) Customers Expect Access 24/7

People have come to expect their favourite business has a specific amount of hours a day it’s open, and their use to scheduling their visit with that in mind. This same logic doesn’t apply to websites they like to visit, and they will not be as forgiving if they can’t get access the website whenever they want.

A reliable commercial website hosting company can ensure that your business website is online 99.9% of the time, and this will keep your customers happy.

2) You Need Daily Site Backups

Mistakes will always inevitability occur, and for one reason or another it’s a good bet your website will suffer some kind of catastrophic failure down the line. This will usually involve a loss of critical data, and that is why it’s so important your website gets backed up on a daily basis

A good commercial website hosting company will offer this backup option, and be able to get your website running again in a few hours. This kind of hiccup will occur eventually, but it’s how quick you deal with the problem that really matters.

3) Firewall and Spam Protection

Hackers and spam have become an accepted part of doing business online, and your website is going to be no exception. This is why it’s important the commercial website hosting company you use have a good track record with website security. The potential damage to your website can run from a few hours of down time, to the complete destruction of your website and loss of all data.

No matter how reliable their hosting service is, and how good they are at backups a company that doesn’t take security seriously is one you should avoid like the plague.

4) Ensures Good Customer Support Response Time

There are always going to be issues your customers need help on, and they will have little patience if help is not provided in a time-sensitive fashion. So this means having a commercial website hosting company that can ensure a steady flow of communication is absolutely critical.

Make it a habit to find out exactly what procedures your web hosting company have for ensuring communication with customers if your site goes down.

5) Helps You Focus On Building Your Business

A man who owns a construction company should never have to worry the hammer is going to fall apart in his hands, and a business owner should never worry his website will fall apart either. There is a finite amount of time in the day, and that should be spent thinking of ways to expand, and grow your business.

This kind of peace of mind is something a good commercial website hosting company can provide. The simple truth is that doing a little research before deciding on a company can save a business owner a world of hurt later, and now you know why.

Large web hosting companies provide a very good service, but if you require a more personalized service with very good support and with a provider who is more concerned with providing this type of service rather than jamming as many sites on the server as possible, therefore increasing the risk of you website being offline, then you need to look at the following http://website-hosting-gf.com who pride them selfs on great customer service with 99.9% uptime for your online business

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