AdWord Strategy: How Do You DO This?

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An AdWord strategy is key to creating a dominant brand. If you choose the correct AdWords your brand will take off. The devil is in the details. AdWord strategy is complicated, but there is also a checklist to run through as you create your strategy.

The foundation of any AdWord strategy is the choosing of the correct keyword. The keyword is the instrument by which customers find you. There is a buying process called the funnel. Knowing where your customer is in the funnel is key choosing the correct keyword. Awareness, Interest, Learn, Shop (compare brands), and Buy are the 5 parts of the funnel.

There are 4 kinds of keywords:

EXPLICIT are literal and clearly understood words. If you want tickets to a Providence Bruin hockey game in Providence, Rhode Island you would punch in “Providence Bruins”, the literal team name.
SYMPTOM – these are similar words. “Friday Night Hockey Tickets/Providence.
PROBLEMS explain the solution to the problem. The keyword could be Friday night schedule/providence bruins.
PRODUCT NAME could use the keyword, Providence Bruins, AHL.

The place to begin your search for keywords are your website and that of your competitor’s, a dictionary, a thesaurus, any place that will give you similar words or concepts analogous to your brand.

Just think about the keyword. What word describes your product, what word describes what does it do?

A way to have an expansive keyword list is to just that—create lists as you experience your brand and observe how your customer engages with it. An AdWord strategy revolves around your customer. A video store owner had Disney video for a keyword. He was only getting nominal results. He observed what was happening. When he put in specific titles, such as “Lion King”, “Nemo”, this is when his searches began to take off.

Conversely, sometimes it is good not to be too specific in your keywords. Specific keywords only describe certain aspects of the search. Begin your strategy with more general words; find out what the customer is using to find you. This customer action will tell you what words you should be looking for. To be successful, you must be flexible. Observe the actions of your customer.

There are three different match types of search and keywords: broad, phrase, and exact. Do a combination of these. A key ingredient in any strategy is budget and marketing objectives.

There are tools that can help you create the AdWords that you need. The search query report will show what someone actually searched for. This report is a game changer because it tells you explicitly what words your customers are using to find you. In AdWord strategy, allow the customer to dictate what the best words to use are.

Dean Hambleton

AdWord strategy is critical and it is hard to get right. I hope that my article sheds a little light on this subject. If you feel that I can help your further, please let me know.

Dean Hambleton

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