Getting The Right Web Hosting Plan For You

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Shopping for the right web hosting provider can sometimes be overwhelming as there are tons of them available in the market right now. With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to find the one that suits your needs best. Most of these companies promise great performance and great service such as 99.9% uptime with round the clock customer support. It is important that you are able to seek out the ones that can truly deliver on their promise rather than those who are bound to disappoint.

The most important criterion that you should look when shopping for a web hosting plan is reliability. Without a reliable plan, there is no point to having a plan equipped with large storage space or bandwidth as your site will constantly be plagued with problems. To reduce your chances of landing an unreliable web host, you should try searching for web hosts who offers plans with a trial period. This way, you could change to another web host without losing any money if you are unhappy with its performance. Also, if you would like to find out the hosting plan’s uptime performance, you could use the services of an uptime auditor. They could provide you with the web host’s server’s uptime performance. However, this may not be the most accurate as these hosting companies usually own several servers and it is difficult to pinpoint which server your site is hosted on. Therefore, the result of the uptime auditor provides may be of another server’s and not the one your site is hosted on. If you prefer to get a more accurate measurement of its reliability, you could test it out yourself with the trial period that they offer. By experiencing it first hand, you can get a good idea of its reliability.

Aside from testing it via trial period, you could also read the reviews of professionals and experienced users through review sites, forums, or blogs. Through these mediums, you could get honest views on the hosting plan’s performance rather than read it on the web host’s site which could be bias. If there are many negative reviews for the hosting plan you are interested in, it is best to avoid it. Moreover, both professionals and users usually recommend hosting plans they think are worth a try which could help save you a lot of precious time searching for a good one.

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