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Search engine optimizing (an acronym for “SEO”) is the process of improving a website’s visibility by search engines using organic search methods. This means that the higher the position a website appears on the search engine’s results pages, the more traffic the website receives. A higher traffic always results in making more sales.

A freelance SEO job entails monitoring search engines’ performances for online marketing campaigns. The SEO analyst works with the SEM manager, the entire marketing team, and content providers to implement strategies that increase the quality and output for new and existing campaigns.

You must have strong analytic skills and knowledge of online “marketing gimmicks”–ways in which to create backlinks and improve the quality of website content. This job entails giving quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily reports on projects which the employer assigns to you. You also will produce independent analysis to help the company improving its overall search engine strategy.

One reason that companies hire freelance SEO experts is that maintaining an in-house team is very expensive. SEO is a broad field; it involves working with different professionals in the same field. You will work with article writers and copywriters, link builders, and marketing planners. If the company hires you to work as a project manager, you must have specialized knowledge and leadership skills.

This career requires a highly dedicated person who is willing to work long hours, which can be very expensive for an average or small business. On the other hand, SEO confuses many people, and they may end up making mistakes along the way. Highly trained and experienced SEO workers are always current with the latest news on search engines.

To be an SEO expert you need a combination of several skills. You must be a good communicator and either write very good content and articles, or build a team of talents writers. The ability to do keyword research is fundamental, along with link building. You must have the latest tools and skills in SEO. You must show proven results of increasing traffic to websites within a stipulated timeframe. Being internet savvy and having basic web design skills is critical in this career.

The average salary of an SEO specialist is about $55,000 and can go as high as $85,000 annually. If you are an SEO manager, you can expect to earn much more, with the average being $75,000 to $150,000, as determined by the location and your level of expertise. As a beginner, you can expect to earn less than average; however, this is a newly and ferociously growing field, and you can expect to rise up the ladder faster than in other types of freelancing jobs.

SEO professionals are in demand with companies that want a strong online presence. You can also find well-established SEO companies seeking SEO experts to join their teams in all the fields.

You can find SEO jobs on the Internet with SEO companies–they are always looking to hire–or you can register with freelancing websites, where you upload your profile and look for job openings in the field. Once you are well established, you may decide to launch your own SEO business and employ other experts to join your team.

The role of an SEO expert has evolved over the years; initially, all you needed to do was write content and the search engines would find it. However, the competition has become stiffer and you need more skills to compete. Your employer will require you to do keyword research, search high-ranking article, blog, and press release directories, build and submit site maps, get original and SEO optimized content, and make the employer’s website SEO-friendly.

Brian Scott is a professional freelance writer and online virtual assistant. He welcomes you to his free website for freelance writers, http://www.WritingBids.com where he reviews and compiles SEO writing jobs that let you work from home.

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