Cheapest Web Hosting – Not Always The Best!

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The cheapest website hosting cannot be calculated from the low price itself. It is to a great extent dependent on the features available for the given price. You must look for the sites that offer more services from the same or a lower price. There are certain aspects of hosting that you must look for before settling for a hosting company. Often settling for free hosting is not very beneficial.

Aspects that you should look for in a web host.

Free hosts typically impose the burden of advertisement on your site. This is in return of the cost of the website that has been offered to you free. There may be banners or even pop up windows which some users may not like at all.

Apart from this the host must cater to your special needs. Paying for unlimited space when you do not need it is not wise, again not getting the correct amount of space that you need will also not suffice your needs. So you must choose a company that gives you the needed space for less.

Many free web hosting companies limit the size of files. Many even set a restraint on the types of files. One more aspect is the speed of access. Usually when your site is listed on the search engines you must be prepared to face a lot of traffic to your site. If the speed of access is not high people will soon get frustrated and leave your site for some other one.

So it is not advisable for settling for cheaper sites and compromise with speed. Some free sites even limit the amount of traffic that can flow.

Cheapest web hosting

So in this section we will only see those affordable sites that satisfy some of the basic requirements. The first and foremost requirement must be reliability and speed. It must provide guaranteed uptime, and if the host’s server is slow they must offer a refund.

Regarding the bandwidth, the website that you choose must allow unlimited traffic diverted to your site. In this respect do not forget to check the policy for overages. Disk space is another factor and you can get access to unlimited disk space by entering into contracts with some companies.

The host that you choose should also have a proper customer care support desk that is operational at all times. You must have access to a toll free number, a mailing address and live-chat facilities. Test by trying to get connected in the wee hours of the night and on Sundays!

Hostgator is one such cheap web host that offers very low rates for all the above benefits. JustHost is yet another such web hosting company that more all less suffices to all the above requirements.

So the cheapest web hosting is not always advisable, rather settle for a site that gives the best return for your investment.

Finding the best website hosting company to suit your needs can be a confusing experience! Start off on the right foot by taking a look at the Top Ten Web Hosting companies of 2012. If you are looking for hosting for a small business read this first – Small Business Server.

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