Effective Ways to Outweigh Your Local Competitors

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With thousands of businesses now turning online, it is now quite tough to compete and be able to survive.

Additionally, with major search engines continuing to tweak, adopt and update ranking algorithms, business competition has never been much tougher among marketers, search engine optimization experts,and businesses than at the present.

Reaching the most coveted number one spot in major SERPs and maintaining this rank has never been much more difficult than ever. Businesses, as well as their chosen SEO company,have always endeavored hard to be able to keep up with their niche competitors, if not be ahead in the industry. For new ebusinesses, they find it hard to keep up or outrank and outdo their already established and experienced competitors.

So how can you outweigh the local competition? Here are some effective ways to outweigh your local competitors:

1. Competitive Analysis

Simply, this means that you should find out exactly what your competitor in your niche is doing and how that competitor goes in doing it. Once armed with the right information, you can then make a comparison of SEO servicesor practices they are employing and compare them with yours to decide who is doing the best. If the competition has an edge, having this knowledge will help you to come up to scratch and even outrank them. If your strategy is better, then having the right information will help you stay ahead.

2. Keyword and Link Analysis

Do a research in your competitor’s keywords and inbound links

If you don’t know how to find their keywords, you can either search for it manually or use some tools. Try to look at their source tags or use some other site-skimming tool. Look at it and study it. Ask these questions:

Do the keywords read well?

Are they using action words?

What keywords are they targeting?Are those keywords more relevant to your targeted search than yours are?

Look also at their keyword density. There is a tool for that. Knowing which words have more density can help you with your professional SEO campaign by providing you with more keyword phrases to focus on. Likewise, you might find out that you may not have thought of these particular phrases in your own campaign.

Look at their inbound links. What sites are linking to theirs? To find out how many sites are linking to them without having to buy a tool, do this manually. Type link:www.yoursitecompetitor.com in Google. A list of results will be generated by Google. By using the “link” attribute without the www, it can bring different results sometimes, so check both.

Look also at relevance, PageRank and etc. Try looking at how many links are going to those sites as each link from a site counts as a vote. So, the more links, the more votes. Remember, all of these go into what the site ranks for and how high it ranks.

3. Be Like Them and More

Once you’ve done your link analysis, try to get all of the links that your competition has. Do this as in order to beat your competition, you need to have everything they do, and more.

4. Get Links

It is easy to get links from sites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, blog comments, forum profiles, wikis, etc. Grab those links as they are now regarded as having authority.

5. Get Videoed

Images and videos are readily available in the SERPs. Find out if your competitors have a video account on YouTube. Look at these videos and follow the same research as you did for their site. Find out if the video has an optimized title and description and if they have used relevant, tightly focused keyword tags.

6. Be Price Competitive

It is a trend nowadays for people to make the most out of their money. If you make your product cost much lower than the other brands, consumers will certainly choose your product instead of your competitors.

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