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If you have already invested in or are considering upgrading your email marketing efforts but feel uncertain owing to recent developments in other fields such as social media, calm your unease – advertising through email is still a leading and developing marketing strategy worth investing in and growing.

Future of Advertising through Email

Being an integral part of the still-growing interactive or online marketing industry, marketing through email will continue to evolve in the next few years. According to the Forrester Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 to 2016, interactive or online advertising will reach the $77 billion mark by 2016, making it as big a part of overall advertising endeavors as TV advertising at about 35% of market share. Though mobile marketing overtook conventional email efforts in 2011, it also signals a rise in mobile marketing through email. Furthermore, the forecast went on to note that in the next five years, email advertising efforts will remain one of the core components of any marketer’s interactive marketing campaign.

Email will remain strong in the coming years, which means that investing in its emerging developments and advancements will be a major business decision to make in the near future.

Watching Out for Emerging Developments

While your opt in email list might not be the spearhead that drives you to your success, it plays a significant core role in it. Its role is so significant, in fact, that it would be wise to develop your email advertising efforts in tune with future interactive marketing developments, including:

  • All new interactive campaigns that while they may be relying more and more on social and mobile marketing, will still require email to tether the whole campaign together.
  • Upgraded email analytics, which, along with the growth trend in email use across age groups, will inevitably progress into a more useful tool.
  • New calculated email campaigns. This is a constant truth in using email for marketing – marketers will always invest in ways to know methods of maximizing their email campaigns, calculating what they need to send to who, when they send it, and how often they should send it.

You need to keep a close watch on such factors to figure out how to make the most out of your tactics. For instance, the B2B magazine reports that email blast campaigns work best when sent in the early morning – between 1am and 5am – in terms of opens and clicks. If you do not know what sort of new, calculated campaigns you can use in conjunction with early blasts because your email analytics is outdated, what use is knowing when to send them?

Email Brings it all Together

Looking at it from a practical perspective will only reinforce professional and expert analyses. Is checking your email one of the first things you do when you start your day or connect to the Internet? It is the same for the majority of teenagers, young adults, and professionals the world over. This is what makes email marketing such a priority in an overall advertising endeavor – email brings it all together.

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