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Web design in Norwich, England, is on the fast track to be one of the world’s leading producers of customised and effective Internet content, as the city gears up for the 21st century.

Norwich is building on a foundation of industrial and commercial strength centuries old, plus a well-established knowledge and media economy. This long time leader of the United Kingdom’s East Anglia region is all set to make its mark in the digital economy.

England’s One-Time Second City

For most of its history, Norwich was one of the England’s leading cities. Today, it is the regional administrative centre and county town of Norfolk. In the 11th century, it was larger than the City of London. Before the Industrial Revolution, it served as the capital of what was England’s richest and most populous county.

The city competed with Bristol as England’s “second city.” Its large population, well-developed commercial and cultural life, and economic strength made it a very wealthy city. Norwich was a centre of textiles throughout its history.

Today, Norwich is the largest financial services cluster in the east of England and the United Kingdom’s largest General Insurance centre. It is home to the largest independently owned regional media group in the UK and the BBC’s East service.

Norwich In The 21st Century

Apart from sitting on its laurels as a thriving regional capital, the city is taking aim at the global economy pie through its established and rapidly growing information technology economy. It has excellent business support services and a low cost business base that attracts businesses to the city and helps ensure their high survival rate.

Through intensive development, the city hopes to grab a big chunk of the demand for excellent web design. Norwich is building itself up as a centre for online business. From the planning and making a website go live, to seeing it flourish via effective search engine optimisation, or SEO, Norwich is looking to be a household name in making an impressive web presence.

Local Touch, Global Content

For Internet-based services like SEO, Norwich is becoming a new home. As a centre for creativity, you can be sure that when you ask for a web design in Norwich, it will be one of the best, complete with good architecture, great content and outstanding navigation.

The city is known as a leader in the creative arts both in the region and throughout England, being home to the likes of the University of East Anglia. It’s no wonder Norwich-created content will reflect this tradition of inspired, top-notch creativity.

Internet companies in the city pride themselves in doing “white hat” services for content and SEO. Norwich web-services companies use methods and techniques that the search engines regard as legal and fair so you don’t have to be afraid that, say, Google will ban your webpage.

Whether you are a local business looking to increase your online visitors through a more effective website or a city-based company expanding globally through the best practices in SEO, Norwich Internet content companies have what it takes to take you to the top of the search rankings.

Timothy Hendrix is a specialist in web design Norwich and seo Norwich.

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